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Requirements To Immigrate To Canada

Immigration to Canada, though a delightful process comes with its own set of requirements. Canada being one of the best in education and health care services, expects its immigrants to be best of the best as well. However, this doesn’t mean that the immigration process or the requirements are impossible to meet. Immigration is quite possible with proper and accurate guidance. Hence, it is not something to completely break a sweat upon. It is an easy process once one meets all the necessary requirements and complies with the guidelines. We are here today to break down the requirements to immigrate to Canada.

Requirements to Immigrate to Canada:

There are many paths to immigrate to Canada: Express Entry, Family Sponsorship, Provincial Nominees or Selected Skilled Workers. These are just few of the very many paths to immigrate to Canada; all these methods come with their own eligibility and requirements

Under the Express Entry system the basic requirements for a candidate are:

  • To have at least one year of full time, continuous experience in a skilled occupation. Work experience is taken into account in this program. So, it becomes necessary to have at least one year of work experience in the last ten years.

  • Moderate proficiency either in English or French is suitable for selection of ideal candidates. It is better if the candidate demonstrates a score of at least seven in English or French in an approved test as per the Canadian Language Benchmark.

  • A candidate is considered ideal if they are under thirty years of age and have a minimum of two Bachelor’s degrees or a Master’s degree. The candidate’s education should meet the standards of the Educational Credential Assessment of Canadian education.

  • One factor that can boost the score of the candidate seeking immigration is if they have a job offer letter from a Canadian company. This is not necessarily a requirement as it is possible to achieve immigration even without a job offer.

Under the Provincial Nominee Programs the basic requirements as are follows:

When it comes to Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) there are different requirements for different territories but some common ground include:

  • A candidate needs to have a handful of experience in the occupations which are popular in that province that they are applying for. It is always better to apply to the program with necessary experience as per the guidelines of the said province.

  • Though not a requirement, candidates are given more priority to be selected for the PNP if they have a relative already residing in the province. It gives confidence to the government that the chances of the candidate to remain in the province remain high.

  • Language proficiency, as with most other programs is a basic necessity to be considered for immigration. As well, good education meeting the required standards is always an advantage.

Since there are many provinces under this program, it is always better to connect with a reputed immigration consultant to understand the eligibility factors for each individual provincial program.

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Under the Family Sponsorship Program:

A family sponsorship program is where you can be sponsored by your by your relatives or family if they are residents of Canada. The basic requirements that your relatives have to meet to sponsor you are:

  • They must be residents of Canada and be at least of 18 years of age. No one under the age of 18 is eligible is sponsor their family even though they are permanent residents of Canada.

  • They should be a Canadian citizen or registered as an Indian in the Canadian Indian Act.

  • They must be able to provide necessary financial aid to the candidate and be an assurance that they will not need any kind of social assistance from the Canadian government.

Hence, if met these basic requirements, one can sponsor their relatives, spouse, partner or dependent children.

Immigration as a Self-Employed person:

The self-employed persons program is where one can immigrate to Canada permanently as a self-employed person. The word self-employed is in itself explanatory. Some of the requirements necessary for potential applicants to meet under this program are:

  • The candidate must have interest and experience in relevant cultural activities and athletics. They must have at least 2 year experience of being a self-employed person in athletics or cultural activities.

  • They must prove that they can make a significant contribution to the economy of Canada in the context of cultural and athletic sector of Canada.

  • The candidate must show that they have enough financial aid to support themselves and their family after their immigration to Canada.

  • The candidates and their family (if required) must get a medical examination. The candidate must be in good health and e free of any severe medical conditions or history.

  • Good language skills, education, adaptability are also required as with any other immigration program. Police documents certifying that the candidate is does not have any criminal record should also be shown; this is a requirement for most of the immigration programs.

After application to any of these programs, the processing may take a while. The assessment of the applications is done with utmost care and responsibility. Therefore, in order to be selected for immigration one needs to be bound to the process. Consulting immigration centers is always a good idea. Obtaining the required experience for any of these programs should be done beforehand if one is planning on immigration to Canada. Hence, work hard to fly to Canada! Hope this article has given you insight about the requirements to immigrate to Canada.

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