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The Time To Immigrate is Now!

Migrating to a whole new country can be terrifying; getting adjusted to a new environment, new people, and a new lifestyle. If you are considering moving to Canada however, put your inhibitions aside, for the perfect time to move there is now! Just in 2020, Canada issued 61850 ITA’s (Invitation To Apply), and that number will only see an increase in the coming days. This generosity shown by Canada is due to a few reasons that will be discussed here.

Canada Loves Students

In 2019, Canada was home to more than 650, 000 students from all over the world studying at university level, and above 58, 000 alumni of Canadian universities have gone on to get a permanent residency there.

This hasn’t changed even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, with Canada displaying relentless support for students from other countries. Their government is also making the process of applying for a Canadian study permit easier.

Studying in Canada opens students up to brand new horizons, and they can move to other countries hassle-free if they choose to do so, or they could opt to become a permanent resident.

Canada’s Economy is At An All Time High

Research has proven that in June of 2020, Canada’s economy gave rise to over a million jobs. Such a strong job market implies the need for more foreign employees. This surely comes as welcome news for any hopeful permanent residents or those who aim to get a work permit in Canada.

In order to keep their economy growing, Canada aims to keep their labour force expanding by even a small amount each year. This wouldn’t be possible if not for immigrants, as finding qualified employees might prove to be a hard task due to Canada’s ageing population. More and more Canadians are retiring, and the number of Canadian students in school is decreasing. Immigrants therefore contribute a lot to Canada’s economy, namely by filling the gaps in its work force, contributing to taxes, goods, and services such as transportation and housing.

You Help Canada’s Health Force

In order to provide its residents with the luxury of free healthcare, Canada first needs staff that gives them that option. This is put at their disposal by young and capable immigrants, and due to this reason they contribute more to Canada’s economy than they receive in return.

An increasing number of immigrants in Canada work in the health industry, and according to research done in 2016, more than 330, 000 work in health- related fields.

Canada is Certain About the Credibility of Their Immigrants

All immigrants to Canada go through a carefully and painstakingly carried out screening process before they’re allowed in, to make sure that they don’t have a criminal background, don’t pose a risk to the country, and are in perfectly good health and condition so as to not be a liability to Canada.

Immigrants who don’t match the criteria might not be allowed in, and those who start making a track record once in Canada risk their license to stay there getting revoked.

This shows how meticulous Canada is with their immigration procedures, and if you’re in good health and low-abiding, you have no reason to worry about not being let in.

You Revive Fading Canadian Communities

Immigrants have shown a tendency to settle down in communities around Canada that are diminishing in number. These include minority areas like Prairies, Atlantic Canada, and Francophone.

Immigrants settle in these communities and help them grow, preventing their obscurity and eventual extinction. In the late 20th century, only 10% of immigrants settled outside the mainstream cities of Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec. By 2017, this statistic had increased to about 40%.

You Fully Adopt The Canadian Way of Life

As hard as the initial stages of moving to Canada can be, with time you grow accustomed to it and soon even feel a sense of belonging to it. You get to enjoy all the privileges enjoyed by Canadian citizens, like a decent salary and free healthcare, you get to be a part of Canada’s social responsibilities like community service and volunteering, and you even get to become Canadian by taking a citizenship test.

You Can Settle In Canada Forever

Unlike in the United States of America, where it could take decades to get a permanent residence, Canada allows deserving workers to immediately apply for a permanent residence if they befit the criteria for a program.

Once you have received a permanent residence, you get to settle down and work in any city in Canada of your choice. You’re also made eligible for all Canadian health care plans and their social services. You then won’t have to fret over huge medical bills that leave a dip in your bank account.

Canada is a popular destination for immigrants, and a major part of the country that Canada is today can be ascribed to them. So what are you waiting for, go out there and make your dreams come true!

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