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  • Facts About Working in Canada

    Canada is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world for individuals seeking to get far in their careers. It is known for providing people with an opportunity to climb up the ladder in their current careers, start a new career from scratch, or expand their work communities. Even after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Canada has still added a number of jobs. In July, 94, 000 jobs were added, which shows that Canada’s economy continues to grow. Before moving to a new place for work, you might have some questions in mind. Here are a few facts about working in Canada: Canada has many coveted jobs There are many in-demand jobs in Canada, and if you so much as qualify for one of them, you’ll instantly see that many doors open up for you. The range of jobs you can apply to will be wide, and you will also be eligible for Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) of certain provinces, and get a permanent residency there. The minimum wage in Canada is also pretty high, at $15 per hour. Shown below are some jobs and their salaries in a year: Truck Driver - $44, 836 Registered Nurse - $77, 603 General Labourer - $47,678 Welder - $73,504 Web Developer - $69,305 Canada draws a fair line between work and life Finding a work-life balance is something many people struggle with today in this fast-paced world. You will be sure to find this in Canada, as organizations in Canada place special weight on the mental health of their employees. You can, therefore, dedicate yourself to your work without compromising on your time spent with friends and family doing recreational activities. This proves even more useful for people with young children who need constant love and attention from their parents. Based on a study done by Forbes, 79% of the employees in Canadian workplaces are happy with their jobs, relaxed, face a lowered risk of burnout, and are very content with the way they’re able to manage their work and personal lives. Canada offers a great number of employee benefits Every single workplace in Canada has in place a system to offer its employees a set of mandatory benefits. These include a pension fund, maternity leave, and employment insurance. In Canada, even the fathers get a paid paternity leave for a long period of time, so their newborns can get accustomed to them and they can also help their wives take care of things around the house. There is a standard paid leave of 25 days every year, and there are also retirement benefits, finances provided for healthcare, gym memberships, and office canteens. Some Canadian companies even go so far as to have nap rooms, comfortable beds, and pet spaces for their employees to unwind and relax. This just shows how much Canada values the mental health of its employees. There are two paydays every month This means that if you find yourself short on money a few days into a new month, you won’t have to wait till the end of the month to get paid again. This system truly helps one manage their finances. The paydays in Canada happen within two weeks of each other on Wednesday. You get paid for the pay period that you have completed before. One payday period is 10 working days long, and this starts on Thursday after you get paid, and ends on Wednesday two weeks later, the day you get paid. High cost of living The cost of living in Canada is pretty high, but it also depends on where in Canada you choose to settle down. Approximately, an individual living alone would need around $2800 a month to pay their expenses, and an average family of four would need about $5300 per month. With enough work experience, you can get a permanent residency Even if you’re working in Canada on a work visa, over time you can elevate to getting a permanent residency there. For this, you will have to qualify for the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program, after which you can apply for permanent residency through Express Entry. You will be able to move to whichever province or territory you please, and you won’t have to exhibit any proof of settlement funds. This means that you can be relocated and a permanent resident of Canada within three to four months of applying. If you’re looking to move to Canada and are unsure where to start, please do consult with us at VCAN Immigration Solutions. We represent families and individuals who desire to move to Canada. The rules of immigration are continuously changing, and our aim is to provide our clients with accurate information and steady guidance about moving to Canada in the midst of all this confusion. We are equipped with a team of trained and sincere individuals who are ready to comply with your every wish. We understand that immigrating can seem like a daunting task, and are here to make that process as easy as possible for you, with the highest level of security maintained. There are many pathways for applying to immigration to Canada, and we analyze your profiles and select the one best suited for you and guide you through it step by step. Follow Us On Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter Google My Business

  • The Time To Immigrate is Now!

    Migrating to a whole new country can be terrifying; getting adjusted to a new environment, new people, and a new lifestyle. If you are considering moving to Canada however, put your inhibitions aside, for the perfect time to move there is now! Just in 2020, Canada issued 61850 ITA’s (Invitation To Apply), and that number will only see an increase in the coming days. This generosity shown by Canada is due to a few reasons that will be discussed here. Canada Loves Students In 2019, Canada was home to more than 650, 000 students from all over the world studying at university level, and above 58, 000 alumni of Canadian universities have gone on to get a permanent residency there. This hasn’t changed even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, with Canada displaying relentless support for students from other countries. Their government is also making the process of applying for a Canadian study permit easier. Studying in Canada opens students up to brand new horizons, and they can move to other countries hassle-free if they choose to do so, or they could opt to become a permanent resident. Canada’s Economy is At An All Time High Research has proven that in June of 2020, Canada’s economy gave rise to over a million jobs. Such a strong job market implies the need for more foreign employees. This surely comes as welcome news for any hopeful permanent residents or those who aim to get a work permit in Canada. In order to keep their economy growing, Canada aims to keep their labour force expanding by even a small amount each year. This wouldn’t be possible if not for immigrants, as finding qualified employees might prove to be a hard task due to Canada’s ageing population. More and more Canadians are retiring, and the number of Canadian students in school is decreasing. Immigrants therefore contribute a lot to Canada’s economy, namely by filling the gaps in its work force, contributing to taxes, goods, and services such as transportation and housing. You Help Canada’s Health Force In order to provide its residents with the luxury of free healthcare, Canada first needs staff that gives them that option. This is put at their disposal by young and capable immigrants, and due to this reason they contribute more to Canada’s economy than they receive in return. An increasing number of immigrants in Canada work in the health industry, and according to research done in 2016, more than 330, 000 work in health- related fields. Canada is Certain About the Credibility of Their Immigrants All immigrants to Canada go through a carefully and painstakingly carried out screening process before they’re allowed in, to make sure that they don’t have a criminal background, don’t pose a risk to the country, and are in perfectly good health and condition so as to not be a liability to Canada. Immigrants who don’t match the criteria might not be allowed in, and those who start making a track record once in Canada risk their license to stay there getting revoked. This shows how meticulous Canada is with their immigration procedures, and if you’re in good health and low-abiding, you have no reason to worry about not being let in. You Revive Fading Canadian Communities Immigrants have shown a tendency to settle down in communities around Canada that are diminishing in number. These include minority areas like Prairies, Atlantic Canada, and Francophone. Immigrants settle in these communities and help them grow, preventing their obscurity and eventual extinction. In the late 20th century, only 10% of immigrants settled outside the mainstream cities of Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec. By 2017, this statistic had increased to about 40%. You Fully Adopt The Canadian Way of Life As hard as the initial stages of moving to Canada can be, with time you grow accustomed to it and soon even feel a sense of belonging to it. You get to enjoy all the privileges enjoyed by Canadian citizens, like a decent salary and free healthcare, you get to be a part of Canada’s social responsibilities like community service and volunteering, and you even get to become Canadian by taking a citizenship test. You Can Settle In Canada Forever Unlike in the United States of America, where it could take decades to get a permanent residence, Canada allows deserving workers to immediately apply for a permanent residence if they befit the criteria for a program. Once you have received a permanent residence, you get to settle down and work in any city in Canada of your choice. You’re also made eligible for all Canadian health care plans and their social services. You then won’t have to fret over huge medical bills that leave a dip in your bank account. Canada is a popular destination for immigrants, and a major part of the country that Canada is today can be ascribed to them. So what are you waiting for, go out there and make your dreams come true! Follow Us On Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter Google My Business

  • Importance Of Certificates And Licences In Canada

    Canada, being the top immigration destiny for Indians, is quite strict about the certificates, licenses and various other government documents. Even the immigration process of Canada requires the candidate to submit various documents and identity proofs. The Canadian government is stern when it comes to the legal affairs and legal documents of both the citizens and the immigrants. Therefore, these documents are held in high regard and hold a lot of importance. These documents are the basic requirement for anyone to be called a citizen of the respective nation. Hence, if you are aiming to immigrate to Canada, then it is a must for you to understand the importance of certificates and licenses in Canada. Importance of Certificates and Licenses in Canada: First of all, it is important to know the basic significance of certificates. Legal certifications are a proof of your accomplishments and achievements. They act as an evidence of your eligibility for various job opportunities, academic advancements and in this case, immigration to different countries and nations. A license grants you legal permission to partake and explore various sectors and again, marks your eligibility. There a wide variety of certifications raging from academic qualification certification to immigration certifications and also a wide variety of licenses ranging from drivers license to licenses qualifying you for various jobs. All of these are immensely important. Now, with respect to only Canada, the Canadian colleges, universities and work places offer professional certifications that will pave the way for your future in terms of vast job opportunities. These certificates obtained in Canada in various fields like education, health, IT, finance, will help you fetch a high paying job and will help in the head start of your career. Canadian certificates are regarded with high importance all over the world, as Canada has one of the best education, healthcare and economic systems in the world. There are over 300 certificate programs in Canada. These certificate programs are quick but efficient. These programs are available in various fields and will help you score your desired job. Most of this certificate programs usually require a year or less to be completed. Some of these programs pay a good salary with the candidate having little to no experience. Thus, these short certificate programs offered in Canada can prove to be a boon if you are seeking for a job. A lot of active job seekers pursue these programs to in the hopes of quickly fetching a job. The popularity of these certificate programs goes on to showcase the importance of certificates in Canada. Apart from this, in order to immigrate to Canada through their various immigration programs like Express Entry, Federal Skill Workers Programs or Spousal Programs, you will need certificates of qualifications confirming that you are eligible for these programs. One such example is the Federal Skilled Trades Programs where the certificate confirms that a candidate is eligible to work in a specific trade in Canada. In order to obtain this certificate, you will have to pass the certification exam conducted by the province and also meet all the other basic requirements like a good IELTS score and adequate language abilities. After clearing the certification exam you will be issued the certificate by the Canadian Federal Authority or by the respective Canadian province. Thus, without this certificate, you will not be eligible for immigration to Canada through this program. Different programs like this need different certifications, hence certificates are extremely important in Canada. Lack of these certificates will deprive you of job opportunities, academic opportunities, permanent residency, immigration benefits and even citizenship. Thus, these certificates and licenses are requires to avail all the above mentioned benefits and opportunities. With proper certificates, you can not only avail best job opportunities but also retain them. Candidates with eligible certificates are regarded with high interest and given more importance in the industry sector. Thus, there will be more scope for promotions with the help of certifications. This will help you in the advancement of your career. Another importance of these certificates and licenses is that they ensure professional credibility to you. This kind of credibility can prove to be of immense significance to you to build your brand value. Moreover, certifications from recognized institutions confirm the capabilities of an individual and leave no room for doubt. Hence, it helps in building trust and confidence in an individual. Finally, these certificates promote the personal growth of an individual as they are a testimony to the accomplishments of a candidate and an evidence of eligibility. These certificates become an important part of competition thus leading to the self improvement of an individual. In Canada, since the immigration rate is high with thousands of foreigners immigrating every year, these certificates become the basis of the evaluation criterion to assess a candidate. Therefore, these certificates play a major role in the immigration process and are also extremely important in Canada. About Us: We are VCanImmigrate, an immigration consultant in Brampton. We are here to help you immigrate to Canada and guide you through the entire process of immigration. We ensure that all the legal formalities are rightly fulfilled and leave you hassle free. We prepare all your application forms and documents and make sure that they are accurately filled. We also communicate with the Visa office and help you prepare for the personal interview. We are here to keep you free of any stress when it comes to the immigration. We make immigration easy and affordable. Our team of professional consultants will deliver you the best advice and will adequately communicate with you at every step. We offer our consultancy services in various programs like express entry programs, skilled workers programs and many more such immigration programs. Check out our website for more information. Contact us right now by visiting our website and book an appointment right now to avail the best immigration consultancy services in Brampton. We are here to support you at every step and make your dream of immigration come true! Follow Us On:- Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter Google My Business

  • Staying in Canada After Graduation

    Canadians are lucky to live in a country with such great opportunities and resources. For its numerous benefits, many people want to work in Canada. The only constraint is that you need to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident if you want to enjoy the benefits of living here. Many people who study abroad at Canadian universities hope they will be able to stay and work after graduation, but unfortunately this doesn't always happen for many reasons. There are some ways, however, that students can increase their chances of staying in Canada after finishing school and going through the immigration process successfully. If you are an international student who has spent time in Canada during your studies, and want to stay after graduation, this article will tell you how. International students who graduate from Canadian universities may not have the opportunity to stay and work in Canada. Even if they are able to find a job, they may not be allowed to work without a permit. This leaves many international graduates feeling trapped between staying in the country or returning home without any prospects for employment. Thankfully, there is an option that can allow these individuals to stay and work legally: applying for a post-graduation work permit as soon as they graduate. Post-Graduation Work Permit A post-graduation work permit (PGWP) makes it possible for international graduates who are accepted into one of 300 designated occupations by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to stay indefinitely while continuing their search for a long-term career path within Canada. Getting a post-graduation work permit to stay and work in Canada requires that you first graduate from an approved Canadian DLI college or university. The next step is applying under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWP). Each year, CIC approves 300 occupations for use by international graduates who want to stay in Canada after graduation. Applicants should familiarize themselves with the eligibility criteria so they know which occupation they qualify for before filling out their application online. Once submitted, applicants must complete their application forms within 90 days of being accepted into a PGWP eligible occupation. Applicants can expect to hear back about their application within three months following submission if all requirements have been met correctly and on time. If your application is successful, then you will receive a positive letter from the CIC, as well as an official PGWP stamp in your passport. These two documents are the proof you need to apply for a work permit and begin working legally in Canada after graduation. You must be working within Canada with valid documentation to stay here. Getting accepted into any eligible occupation under the PGWP program can open many doors for those wanting to work in Canada after finishing school. In addition to giving international graduates the chance to live and work in Canada that they otherwise wouldn't have, it also allows them to compare employers and find out what type of career path best suits them. It is especially beneficial for those who wish to get permanent residency without being employed by their post-graduation employer for three continuous years. You should apply for the permit within 180 days of finishing your graduation. Once you get the permit, you can working Canada from 3 months to 3 years. How the post work permit opens your path for permanent residence Once the applicant has worked in Canada for 3 years, they can apply for PR (Permanent Residency). Individuals who have Canadian work experience get preference in Express Entry. Also, for some provinces under PNP, you will have an extra edge over the other candidates to be selected if you have few years of work experience in Canada. Canadian Education Credential and work experience clears your path for Permanent Residence. Students who are currently going to study in Canada, can also apply for the program. The country may approve your application before you graduate from the Canadian school. In that way, you can work legally and get a post-graduation work permit before your graduation. If you're planning to go for further studies, then it is advisable to not apply for the permit. While studying, most of the study permits allow international students to work while studying. You do not need a work permit for this. You can work on campus or off campus for 48 hours a week. However, once you graduate from the study program, then it is necessary to apply for post-graduation work permit to stay and work in Canada. VCan Immigration offers the best immigration services to applicants from different countries. We provide student visas and student visa services to its valued clients. Most of these students face problems related to their study permits after getting admission in any foreign country. In fact, it is quite difficult for them to find a suitable place through which they can get the best study visa services and manage to complete their education in a hassle-free manner. Our student visa services, enable students to settle down smoothly in Canada as they provide them with all the documents related to their studies and residence. Apart from providing the necessary documents, our immigration agency also offers consultation related to admission process for international students. Therefore, if you are looking for a very good immigration consultant who can guide you throughout your application process so that you don't have to face any problems during your stay in Canada then it is advisable that you contact us immediately without wasting anytime. For further details visit our website at Follow Us On Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Google My Business

  • 10 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Canada

    In the wake of a year filled with lockdowns and working from home, many are looking forward to their next holiday. One of the world's most popular destinations, Canada boasts some spectacular landscapes and tranquil coastlines. One look at its stunning snow-capped mountains or pristine beaches is enough to make you want to book your next holiday as soon as possible! With its beautiful landscapes, amazing cuisine, and welcoming locals, Canada should go on your bucket list of places to visit. To help you make a plan, we have compiled ten reasons why you should tour Canada. Top 10 Reasons To Visit Canada Northern Lights The Northern Lights are a beautiful and captivating phenomenon that can be seen on the Canadian mainland. They generally occur when solar particles interact with molecules in the Earth's atmosphere, creating an ethereal light show of reds, greens, and blues as they move through our planet’s magnetic field at high altitudes. The Northern Lights in Canada are a magical sight to behold! The Rockies The Rocky Mountains are one of the most iconic mountain ranges in North America, stretching across British Columbia and Alberta. The snow-covered peaks provide a picturesque backdrop to some 1,500 kilometers of breathtaking wilderness that attracts outdoor adventurers from all walks; nature lovers who want to explore this diverse region with its rich wildlife; as well as winter sports enthusiasts looking for their next thrill. Diversity Canada is the second-largest country in the world and has a great variety of terrain. From grassy plains to majestic mountains, Canada offers diversity not only with its people but also with their food, accents, and culture. If you're looking for some authentic Canadian dishes don't forget that this nation's cuisine draws influences from all over Europe as well as Asia. Incredible Cities Canada is a vast, multicultural country with many different aspects. Some of the best-known cities in Canada are Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Each city has its distinct personality which highlights different aspects of Canadian life such as its maritime culture or mountainous landscape. These diverse cultures make for an exhilarating experience when visiting one of these modern metropolises! Natural Wonders Canada is a country rich in natural wonders. With more coastline than any other nation, mountain ranges and arctic lands to the north, lush forests of pine trees in central Canada, and even one small desert spot on their southern border from which they share ownership over an island chain that stretches across both oceans; there's never been a dull moment for explorers looking for new frontiers. Rich Culture Canada is a diverse nation with different cultures and communities. Each part of Canada leaves a history to uncover. From the west coast provinces, home to some of the nation's first people and where you can explore Indigenous culture through art or learn about human rights at one of three museums, this country is rich with stories from all walks of life. Niagara Falls Niagara Falls is not only the most popular landmark in North America, but it's also one of the busiest tourist attractions. The falls are a whopping 3 miles long and more than 600 feet high with about 6 million cubic meters flowing over them every minute. Niagara Falls is truly a mesmerizing wonder. Magnificent Polar Bear One of the most interesting things to do when visiting Canada is spotting some of its famous animals and there are plenty that you can potentially see. The tiny village of Churchill might seem unassuming, but many animal lovers visit so they can meet up with one resident – a polar bear! October and November happen to be the best time for viewing these magnificent beasts. National Parks Canada’s national parks are home to some spectacular landscapes that can not be found anywhere else in the world. These natural sights change from temperate rainforests, Arctic tundra, and more making each park as unique and beautiful as Canada itself. If you want an authentic experience, rent a car or motorhome and camp out while exploring the stunning national parks of Canada. Winter Sports Canada is a great place for skiing holidays because it has an assortment of world-class ski resorts. Whether you're looking to just get your toes wet or want the thrill that only expert trails can offer, there's something perfect for everyone in Canada. Bottom Line Canada is a land of forests and lakes, beautiful scenery in every direction. Canada welcomes you with open arms for an incredible vacation experience that will captivate your senses! There are as many reasons to visit our homeland as there are people who have lived here. At VCAN Immigration Solutions, we work with you to identify your immigration options, and we ensure that all documentation is completed. We keep in touch every step of the way as this process unfolds. Book your flights for a trip to Canada and let us guide you on how to step into the lands of this wonderful country. Follow Us On Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Google My Business

  • Studying in Canada Amidst a Pandemic

    Canada is one of the most popular destinations for students looking to study abroad. The country offers a wide range of opportunities for international students, from studying in traditional universities to developing entrepreneurial skills with leading Canadian companies. Canada's high-quality education and competitive cost make it an attractive destination for anyone interested in experiencing Canada's culture or making a life there. Moving to Canada amidst a pandemic might sound extreme, but it could be the best decision you ever make. This blog post will cover some of the things you should know about moving to Canada amidst the raging pandemic. Is Canada still processing study permit applications from International Students? Canada has not suspended the processing of Study Permits for international students and is currently processing applications. If you plan on applying for a Study permit before leaving your home country, expect it to take anywhere between 3-5 weeks before you receive a response. You can experience a delay by another few weeks in the present scenario. After receiving a positive decision on your application, you will then receive instructions on how to process an Application for Permanent Residence. In the light of recent events, Canada has introduced a new two-step process for study permits. Under this process, after a study permit is approved the student can start remote learning from the institution without having to move to Canada. At present, applicants who are studying at DLI approved institutions with approved COvid-19 readiness plan will be eligible to move to Canada. Under this new system, an applicant can submit an incomplete application on the occasion he is unable to collect his biometrics, medical certificates, and travel documents. You will be required to submit them as soon as you manage to get your hands on them. Who can enter Canada? Here is a list of individuals who can enter Canada - Individuals with Canadian citizen and permanent residence Immediate family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residence7 Any temporary citizens, or distant family members with authorization from IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) Individuals with special permission under compassionate grounds Individuals with a valid Temporary Work Permit IEC participants who were temporarily out of the country, even without a current work opportunity IEC participants with a valid job offer, but without a valid work permit International Students who have been accepted into DLI-approved learning institutions and whose COvid-19 is deemed compliant by IRCC. (This means the institution has an Emergency Plan) Fully Vaccinated Individuals Traveling to Canada To ensure that no one from the infected region enters Canada, the Government has increased border screening procedures. Any individual who is fully vaccinated should be vaccinated by the Canadian government-approved vaccines. Currently, there are four approved vaccines - Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD, and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson). Pre-arrival Covid-19 test - For travellers arriving to Canada by air, should present a negative report of the Covid-19 test. It is recommended to take the test within 72 hours of flight departure. On arrival test - Every passenger needs to go for a Covid-19 test as soon as they arrive in Canada. Even if you're fully vaccinated, you need to undergo the test. If the report comes positive, you need to immediately isolate yourself and await further communication from health officials. Proof of Vaccination - You need to submit your proof of vaccination as soon as you arrive in Canada. Quarantine plan - A fully vaccinated traveller does not need to go for the 14-day quarantine. However, if you test positive upon arrival, you need to go for quarantine. So, you should have a quarantine plan beforehand. It is also important for all prospective immigrants in Canada to know that visa-exempt nationals can only stay in the country for a period of six months. So, if your visa has expired, you run the risk of having your status changed from Student Visa Holder (temporary) to Visitor (permanent). This makes it even harder to apply for permanent residence on an immigrant category as these categories require longer periods of legal stay beforehand. It is important to note that there are still uncertainties about how much time should elapse before everyone is allowed into Canada as well as when they can travel out of their home countries without needing a permit. That's why it is best for all interested immigrants to be patient and wait for further updates before making any decisions on immigrating to Canada amidst pandemics. VCan is one of the leading Canadian immigration agencies which has helped thousands of clients from all over the world, including India to successfully immigrate to Canada. If you're looking to migrate from India to Canada, we'll guide you through the entire process step-by-step. We can help with sponsorship applications for parents/grandparents, study permits, PNPs, Business Entry among other services. Our experienced Canadian immigration lawyers and consultants will give you all the information about your options and what steps should be taken at every stage. To know more about our services and for a consultation with one of our experienced migration agents, simply visit Follow Us On Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Google My Business

  • How To Travel To Canada As A Student

    Canada has a lot to offer, and you’ll be hard-pressed not to find something worth your time.The country is progressive, warm, and welcoming with two official languages - French and English. With one of the highest quality of life and lots to explore, Canada is a nation that anyone would be happy to call home. Canada has been a highly sought-after destination for international students seeking higher education. With its unique combination of high quality, diverse culture, and excellent academic opportunities, it is easy to see why Canada gains more than 130k admissions each year from outside the country. To achieve your dream of studying in Canada, you'll need a Canadian study permit. But how difficult is it to get a Study Permit? In this article, we will discuss how you can travel to Canada for educational purposes. Let’s dive in! What is a Canadian Study Permit? The study permit is a legal document that offers international students the opportunity to legally pursue their education in Canada. Most foreigners need this specific visa before they can enter and attend classes at designated learning institutions across the country, so make sure you have all of your documents prepared properly when applying for one. However, your study permit won’t let you enter Canada. You might also need a visitor visa or an electronic travel authorization (eTA). If the authorities approve your application, they will issue a visitor visa to you with your study permit approval in the future. How to Get a Canadian Study Permit? If you want to study in Canada, there are a few requirements. First and foremost is an acceptance letter from your designated learning institution (DLI). Secondly, provide proof that you can support yourself and any family members who come with you. In addition, make sure that your passport or travel document is valid - this helps provide security should anything happen while studying abroad. There are many different ways to apply for a study permit. Some people may be able to do so from within Canada, while others must complete the process before they arrive in the country at a port of entry. Make sure you know which one is most suitable and available for your needs. Foreigners who want to apply for a Canadian Study Permit should know that there are certain requirements to meet when applying for a study permit in Canada. Some of these conditions include meeting eligibility criteria and adhering to certain rules while studying abroad. Ensure you’re prepared before applying! What Are The Requirements For a Canadian Study Permit To study in Canada, you'll need a Canadian Study Permit. This will include: The original letter of acceptance from your university. Passport and travel documents that allow for returning to your home country (if applicable). You'll also be required to provide proof of financial support during your stay in Canada. A letter of intent regarding your visit. You will be asked to provide proof that you have paid the Study Permit fee. What To Do After Applying For A Study Permit? Once you have successfully finished all the formalities regarding your study permit, you may be required to have your biometrics taken. A biometric is the measurable and unique physical characteristic of an individual. This could be their voice, fingerprints, or irises – to name just a few examples! This is usually done at a Visa Application Center but may vary depending on your country. In Some cases, applicants may be called for an interview. The interviewers will ask you about your travel plans and the reason for coming to Canada. They might also want to know more information like why they should let you into their country, etc. When Does The Study Permit Get Issued? The processing time for your Canadian study permit could be as long as 90 days, but it usually takes less. The wait is dependent on how things go in your home country. The Student Direct Stream is a fast and easy way to get your study permit. All you have to do is fill out the application form, make sure there are no mistakes on it, send it off with all the necessary documents including proof of enrollment at an approved school in Canada or Quebec along with photocopies of their ID card. Is There An Easier Way To Get A Study Permit If you find this entire process hectic and overwhelming, you can also hire a representative to fill out all the formalities on your behalf. VCAN Immigration Solutions is a leading Canada-based immigration company, providing reliable services for people looking for easier ways to immigrate to Canada. Our staff members are committed to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism which guarantee that our clients have accurate advice concerning immigrating to Canada. Visit here for more details. Follow Us On Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Google My Business

  • Requirements To Immigrate To Canada

    Immigration to Canada, though a delightful process comes with its own set of requirements. Canada being one of the best in education and health care services, expects its immigrants to be best of the best as well. However, this doesn’t mean that the immigration process or the requirements are impossible to meet. Immigration is quite possible with proper and accurate guidance. Hence, it is not something to completely break a sweat upon. It is an easy process once one meets all the necessary requirements and complies with the guidelines. We are here today to break down the requirements to immigrate to Canada. Requirements to Immigrate to Canada: There are many paths to immigrate to Canada: Express Entry, Family Sponsorship, Provincial Nominees or Selected Skilled Workers. These are just few of the very many paths to immigrate to Canada; all these methods come with their own eligibility and requirements Under the Express Entry system the basic requirements for a candidate are: To have at least one year of full time, continuous experience in a skilled occupation. Work experience is taken into account in this program. So, it becomes necessary to have at least one year of work experience in the last ten years. Moderate proficiency either in English or French is suitable for selection of ideal candidates. It is better if the candidate demonstrates a score of at least seven in English or French in an approved test as per the Canadian Language Benchmark. A candidate is considered ideal if they are under thirty years of age and have a minimum of two Bachelor’s degrees or a Master’s degree. The candidate’s education should meet the standards of the Educational Credential Assessment of Canadian education. One factor that can boost the score of the candidate seeking immigration is if they have a job offer letter from a Canadian company. This is not necessarily a requirement as it is possible to achieve immigration even without a job offer. Under the Provincial Nominee Programs the basic requirements as are follows: When it comes to Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) there are different requirements for different territories but some common ground include: A candidate needs to have a handful of experience in the occupations which are popular in that province that they are applying for. It is always better to apply to the program with necessary experience as per the guidelines of the said province. Though not a requirement, candidates are given more priority to be selected for the PNP if they have a relative already residing in the province. It gives confidence to the government that the chances of the candidate to remain in the province remain high. Language proficiency, as with most other programs is a basic necessity to be considered for immigration. As well, good education meeting the required standards is always an advantage. Since there are many provinces under this program, it is always better to connect with a reputed immigration consultant to understand the eligibility factors for each individual provincial program. Did someone say reputed immigration consultant? Then you ought to look at We are the best immigration consultant in Brampton. We aim to realize the dream of immigration of various applicants. We provide you with detailed information about the different immigration programs and make sure that you meet all the necessary requirements. Our team of expert professionals is ready to invest their time in finding the most suitable path for your immigration to Canada. We offer our best services to prepare you for your personal interviews (if required). We keep you updated with every step in the immigration process and communicate with the Visa office on your behalf. We are all about customer satisfaction and hence will leave no room for any kind of complaints. Take a quick look at our website,, for more detailed information and contact us right now, we will be ready to present you with our perfect services. Under the Family Sponsorship Program: A family sponsorship program is where you can be sponsored by your by your relatives or family if they are residents of Canada. The basic requirements that your relatives have to meet to sponsor you are: They must be residents of Canada and be at least of 18 years of age. No one under the age of 18 is eligible is sponsor their family even though they are permanent residents of Canada. They should be a Canadian citizen or registered as an Indian in the Canadian Indian Act. They must be able to provide necessary financial aid to the candidate and be an assurance that they will not need any kind of social assistance from the Canadian government. Hence, if met these basic requirements, one can sponsor their relatives, spouse, partner or dependent children. Immigration as a Self-Employed person: The self-employed persons program is where one can immigrate to Canada permanently as a self-employed person. The word self-employed is in itself explanatory. Some of the requirements necessary for potential applicants to meet under this program are: The candidate must have interest and experience in relevant cultural activities and athletics. They must have at least 2 year experience of being a self-employed person in athletics or cultural activities. They must prove that they can make a significant contribution to the economy of Canada in the context of cultural and athletic sector of Canada. The candidate must show that they have enough financial aid to support themselves and their family after their immigration to Canada. The candidates and their family (if required) must get a medical examination. The candidate must be in good health and e free of any severe medical conditions or history. Good language skills, education, adaptability are also required as with any other immigration program. Police documents certifying that the candidate is does not have any criminal record should also be shown; this is a requirement for most of the immigration programs. After application to any of these programs, the processing may take a while. The assessment of the applications is done with utmost care and responsibility. Therefore, in order to be selected for immigration one needs to be bound to the process. Consulting immigration centers is always a good idea. Obtaining the required experience for any of these programs should be done beforehand if one is planning on immigration to Canada. Hence, work hard to fly to Canada! Hope this article has given you insight about the requirements to immigrate to Canada. Follow Us On:- Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Google My Business

  • Types Of Work Permit In Canada

    Immigration to Canada is the goal of many students from all over the world. Not only students, but many young adults and job seekers also plan on moving to Canada. There are many paths that can be chosen if one wants to immigrate to Canada: including Express Entry and Work Permit. For someone looking to immigrate on the basis of work permit, you must know that there are many types of work permits in Canada. Let us take a look at the different types of work permits available in Canada and assess the one most suitable for you. Types of Work Permit in Canada: Firstly, what exactly is a work permit? A work permit also known as work visa is an official document giving someone permission to work or take a job in a foreign country. The Canadian work permits given under TFWP which stands for Temporary Foreign Worker Program. You must apply for this work permit when to apply for a visa to go to Canada. Your visa application will be treated as your work permit application by the Consular Office. Most people will need these work permits to work in Canada. Now, there are two main types of work permits: Open Work Permits: An open work permit allows you to work for any employer in Canada. There are no restrictions in terms of working only for a specific employer. It allows you to switch employers when working in Canada. Employer-Specific Work Permits: An employer-specific work permit as the name suggests allows you to work only for the certain specified employer. It doesn’t allow you to switch employers and you are required to work under the specified employer only. These two are the main two types of work permits issued in Canada. Now, let us take a look at the other types. Temporary Foreign Workers Program: This is the standard visa for temporary workers. It is given to those who have already obtained a job offer from a Canadian employer. The employer’s company should have also obtained the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from the government of Canada. An employer from Canada needs this LMIA document before employing a foreign worker. Only after the employer gets a LMIA, the worker can apply for a work permit. Now in order for the worker to apply for the work permit, the worker needs the following documents: a job offer letter, a copy of the LMIA, the LMIA number and a contract. These are the basic requirements that a worker needs to obtain a permit. Due to Covid in 2020 and 2021, few restrictions have been applied by the Canadian government for foreign workers. Post Graduate Work Permit: This is issued to students who have finished their degree in a Canadian University and want to stay longer in Canada by working. Students, in order to apply for this permit, are required to have completed a study program at an established educational institution in Canada, the program should be at least eight months long and it must come with a degree or diploma. There are many other requirements too that should be met by an interested candidate. A student is not eligible to apply for Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWK) if they have already received one or if they have studies English or French as second language. There are quite a few exceptions as well that might exempt you from getting a PGWK. So students need to be careful of their eligibilities and exemptions while applying for this permit. Working Holiday Visa: This is given to candidates from around 30 countries. It enables the applicants to travel and work in Canada. It is an open work permit. It is based on random selection, you have to meet the eligibility criterion and apply for this permit and wait to be selected for application. Nevertheless, there are still few requirements that you need to comply with if you want to apply for this visa. This work permit is valid for 1-2 years at a time. But, a Canadian officer can alter the period of validity of work permits based on various factors. If applying for this visa, the eligibility criterion should be looked into and thus one should assess themselves if they are rightly eligible for application. This might become a hindrance without proper guidance. Therefore, we are here to save you from any sort of confusion! We, at, provide you with the highest standard advice for immigration to Canada. We provide you with a beacon of light to guide you in the right path and select the right course. We prepare and submit your application with the visa office. We maintain clear communication with you as well with the visa office and follow you up on your behalf. We strongly believe in customer satisfaction and do not at all compromise when it comes to superior quality services. This has led us to being one of the best immigration consultants in Brampton. We keep you updated with the latest modifications in the immigration sector. So, check out our website right this moment and book a consultancy. Contact us to make your immigration dream come true. We are ready to offer you our best services. With VCAN, immigration is made easy and hassle free. There is high competition when it comes to immigration to Canada. But, once you play your cards right and score a work permit, it all goes your way. One needs to be rightly prepared for interviews or for any tests if required.As we saw, Canada offers different permits for different kinds of demands and has made sure that there is something for everyone. One just needs to comprehend the method best suitable for them and move along the right path. Although the eligibility criterion seems to be complex anda long process, it is to select the best of the best and offer you the right position. Immigration to Canada has been left as just a dream for many people, do not let this be the case with you, contact us and fly to Canada. Follow Us On: Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Google My Business

  • Is It Easy To Get Express Entry In Canada?

    Canada has always been home to immigrants since a long time. There are more than 280,300 immigrants who arrived in Canada in the year 2020. These numbers just keep going higher as Canada is among the top countries with the largest immigrant percentage. There are many reasons as to why Canada is the land of immigrants: from excellent education to one of the best healthcare systems, Canada offers everything, hence the large number of immigrants. Today, we are here to answer these questions and make the concept of immigration to Canada a little clearer. What is Express Entry? Express entry is an application system for immigration conducted online. If you fit the eligibility criterion, you can submit a profile and be considered for permanent residency. It is based on points and rankings. You will be ranked against all the other people who have applied for immigration and if you rank high enough, you will be invited to apply for permanent residency as a skilled immigrant. EE (express entry) covers three programs: The Skilled Worker Program, The Skilled Trades Program and The Canadian Experience Class. There is certain eligibility requirement that you need to meet in order to quality for EE. This and the fact that more than thousands of people apply for EE every day, it leads us to the question: Is it easy to get express entry in Canada? Read ahead to find out! How to Get EE? Your chances of getting through express entry depend on CRS which is Comprehensive Ranking System. You should work quite hard to get an acceptable CRS score in order to receive an invitation to apply for permanent residency. The CRS scores do keep fluctuating which makes it a tad bit complex for the candidate to predict without proper guidance. But with proper advice and good consultancy, it is possible to score immigration to Canada. That is why we are here! At,, we provide superior professional advice with respect to your immigration application. We nourish you with proper guidance and give our best to pave a positive path for your immigration. We help you in identifying the best option of immigration most suitable to you, make sure that you possess all the required documents and prepare you for your Visa interview. We are one of the most trustworthy immigration consultants in Brampton, as seconded by our clients. We keep up with the frequent updates made by the Canadian government and thus offer you the best consultancy. Out team of experienced professionals are here to cater to your needs and provide you with the finest of services. Check our website right now and book a consultancy! We are ready to make your dream of Immigrating to Canada come true! Now, to answer our main question: Is it easy to get Express Entry in Canada? Well, to be honest, it is definitely not a cakewalk but it is certainly not impossible. With the right advice and effort, it is very much possible to get EE in Canada. Since EE depends on CRS, here are a few ways which will help you better your ranking thus improving your chance of immigration to Canada. 3 Ways to Increase Your CRS Score: Improve your score in the IELTS: You are free to take the IELTS any number of times. The best way to improve your points for EE and CRS is having a good IELTS score. A good IELTS result can give you up to 150-160 points which is pretty high. An acceptable IELTS result combined with proficient education and up your score by 50 more points. Thus, if you plan on immigration to Canada, it is always a good choice to start preparing IELTS early on. Language ability has a huge impact on the CRS points. Job Offering: An efficient offer letter from a Canadian employer can help you to increase your points significantly. It can score you between 50 to 200 points thus improving your rank. Hence, it is better to try to connect with Canadian employers and get an eligible job if immigration to Canada is on your mind. Canada Job Bank is an initiative of the Canadian government to provide job seekers with matching jobs. It is better to find yourself a job if you are eligible. However, you can also get EE without a job; you simply have a better chance with a job offer. Experience of Work: Your work experience can prove to be a big part of your EE points. If you use the right NOC (National Occupational Classification) code to claim your points, you will have a good chance of obtaining a higher rank. Using your work experience to your leverage can result in better obtainment of points. It surely increases your chances of receiving an application of permanent residence. If you do not have work experience, you could also go to Canada as a student but work experience always adds to your list of advantages to get through EE. These are just few of the many ways to improve your CRS score. You can also get some spousal points if you have a partner, provincial nomination can get you an additional of 600 points and post secondary study can score you up to 120 points. There are many ways to get through EE. There are also many methods to prepare yourself for EE. There are online IELTS mock tests available to help improve your score. Many coaching centers prepare you for interviews and tests for immigration. Many consultancy centers, like, provide you with valuable advice. Hence, there are all the necessary services available for you to get through EE. One more thing to remember about Express Entry is that there is no maximum age for the applicants of EE. EE can take just as little as six months to process. Therefore, with right guidance, you have every chance of getting through Express Entry and pursing your dreams. Don’t give up and believe in yourself! Follow Us On- Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Google My Business

  • Why students choose to study in Canada?

    While there are several countries in the world who welcome students for Higher studies, Canada stands out as one of the favourite amongst the students all over the world. There are many good reasons behind Canada being the most favoured country for higher studies even more than the U.K. Canada welcomed 642,000 international students in the year 2019 ranking third globally as international students’ destination. Let’s explore a little about this generous country to find out why students choose to study in Canada? 1.Excellent Quality of Education Did you know 26 Canadian Universities rank inQS World University Rankings 2019 and 27 Canadian Universities rank in the The World University Rankings 2019? It is the testimony of how excellent their education system is. A degree from a Canadian University is recognised and deemed as a higher mark of excellence all over the world. They give world-class education to the students and have highly qualified international scholars as their faculty. 2.Affordable Lifestyle and Education Cost of living and tuition fee are very important factors which are taken into consideration while applying for studies abroad. Students not only have to deposit the fee,but they also have to pay the cost of rent, food, transportation etc. in day to day lives. Thankfully the Canadian government is aware of this and offers special scholarship programmes to international students. The fee structure of Canadian Universities is cheaper in comparison to the other English speaking countries like the U.S. and the U.K. The cost of daily expenses is also very affordable when compared with the countries which have an education system as good as Canada. 3.Safe and Peaceful Another big concern while planning to study abroad is Safety. Leaving your home and moving to a whole new place in different country can be scary but if you plan to move to Canada, you can be relaxed as Canada has been declared as one of the most peaceful and safest nations around the globe by several organisations including the UN. Canada has very low rate of crime against women, racial discrimination, theft etc. Here people are peace loving who like to live in harmony and government also ensures equal rights to everyone. Their healthcare and insurance is also inexpensive and can be easily afforded. 4.Opportunities to earn while studying The Canadian government also allows the international students to work while studying. You can get a full time or a part time job or work as an intern without any special work permit. This way you can take care of your expenses and gain some experience. 5.Language is no Barrier Canada is a multilingual country. Although, it’s official languages are French and English but because of its diversity you will find people from different religions, languages and culture living here without any trouble. Communication will not be a problem in Canada as you will definitely find someone somewhere speaking your language. Besides, English will make it easier for you. 6.Diverse Culture Canada is a home for a huge number of people belonging to different Ethnicities. Here people respect every culture and its value. Every year Canada welcomes massive number of international students which has turned Canada into a multicultural country where everyone has the freedom and right to follow their religion, customs and tradition with dignity. 7.Great Opportunities for Research Canadian Universities are famous for their research intensive education system and it is ranked fourth in the world scientific research. Universities roll out scholarship for students for their research work. And not just the universities, Canadian government and industries also support researchers and if the research idea is good enough they even bear the cost of the research. Canadian education system has immense appreciation for meaningful research work in several disciplines and it promotes the researchers in several ways. 8.Excellent Job Opportunities Since Canadian degrees are considered as a mark of excellence worldwide, they open gates to a great career. After getting your degree you can either work in any other country or in Canada itself as their government believes in retaining their students. The education system is designed to shape its students into skilful and smart professionals. Whichever country you plan to work at, your education degree from Canada will give you an edge. 9.Spectacular Place and Great Environment Canada is a beautiful country surrounded by ocean from three sides. It has the largest number lakes even more than all the lakes in the world combined. If you are a nature lover or a traveller, studying here would be a treat for you. 10.Friendly People People in the country are very friendly and benevolent which is evident from the fact that Canada has become a home for people all over the world. 5 % of Canada’s population comprises of immigrants. They welcome people with open hearts without any biases. There would be chances that you might find people from your own community or country. If you are friendly, it will not be difficult for you to make friends here. 11.High Quality of Life Canada is one of the strongest economies of the world. It has a high quality of life where more than 90% of the population is connected to the internet. Canada was the first country to connect its schools and libraries with the internet. Here, cost of living is less but the standard of living is high. 12.Immigration Policies If you want to become a Canadian citizen after your education, you can apply for permanent citizenship after working there for one year. You are given a work permit along with your student permit when you come here for your education which can be used to work here for three years after the completion of your studies. The government wants you to experience Canada’s student as well as work life and if you like it here you can apply for a citizenship after one year of working as a professional. About Vcan Immigration Solutions Vcan Immigration Solutions is an immigration service provider company in Canada. We assist our clients who want to immigrate to Canada by helping them understand the immigration policies and laws laid down by the “The Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments”, which could be a little complex for common people, and by helping them in determining their best options. We provide accurate advice, proper guidance and updated information with respect to our clients’ application for immigration to Canada. We are the one of the best immigration consultants for Canada in Brampton as we assist our clients with utmost professionalism keep their best interest in our mind. Follow Us On Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest Google My Business

  • All About Business Visa for Canada

    Generally, there are two types of visas- multiple entry visas and single-entry visas. A multiple entry visa is usually valid for up to ten years. The applicant can come and go every six months without having to reapply. A single-entry visa allows you to travel to Canada only once. You must reapply for the visa to travel again to Canada. However, it must be kept in mind that both are valid only for a fixed time. Here is a guide that will give you an idea all about business visa for Canada. Canada has different categories of immigration programs. A noticeable percentage falls into the business or entrepreneurship category. The goal of these programs is to promote overall economic development and create employment opportunities. They seek to open new opportunities and extend their access to foreign markets. Hence, they are more welcoming to individuals with high net worth as well as managerial or business experience. ENTREPRENEUR START-UP VISA The first step to being qualified for this program is to have a solid plan of a particular business that will be created in Canada. Moreover, the most crucial factor is that one must secure funding and support from a designated Canadian investment organization. IMMIGRANT INVESTOR VENTURE CAPITOL PILOT PROGRAM This program requires a solid financial asset. The applicant is required to have a net worth of $10 million and make a non-guaranteed investment of $2 million over 15 years. It is invested in Canadian-based innovative start-ups with high growth potential. SELF-EMPLOYED PERSON PROGRAM The basic criteria for this program is that the individual must be able and willing to support themselves as well as any other dependents. It must be through self-employed income whether as an athlete, artist, etc. QUEBEC BUSINESS IMMIGRATION INVESTOR They give an opportunity to investors to obtain Canadian permanent residence by investing CAD$1,200,000 risk-free by either financing the investment or through a financial intermediary. All applications must be sent through mail or courier service except for those candidates, who possess an advance to intermediate level of French proficiency. It is confirmed through a standardized test and such applicants are given higher priority while processing the applications. The maximum number of applications that may be received for the upcoming application cycle is set at 1,900. REQUIREMENTS- INVESTMENT- Must sign the agreement to invest the sum of CAD$1,200,000. This can be done either through an approved financial intermediary or by financing the investment. MINIMUM NET-WORTH- A minimum of CAD$2.0 million is required as legally acquired net- worth. It can be either acquired alone or with the help of the spouse or common-law partner if they are accompanying the applicant. It may even include assets such as bank accounts, property, pension funds, stocks, and shares. SUCCESSFUL COMPLETE MEDICAL EXAMINATION SUCCESSFUL SECURITY BACKGROUND CHECK DESTINATION- The destination must be set in the Province of Quebec in Canada. PRIOR BUSINESS OR MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE- It is essential to have a minimum of two years of management experience over a course of five years before the application process. Moreover, the applicant must hold a position defined as full-time in a specific enterprise. The company could be an international agency, department, or government agency but must have a minimum of two full-time employees. START-UP VISA PROGRAM(SUV) / CANADA START-UP CLASS The program allows qualified immigrant entrepreneurs to obtain Canadian permanent residence. It mainly aims to link innovative entrepreneurs with private sector investors in Canada who will help them establish their start-up business. They can initially come to Canada on a work permit supported by their investor and later undergo the qualification process once their business is up and running. There are three types of private sector investors. They include- Angel investor, Venture capital fund, and business incubator. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA A candidate is required to fulfil the following objectives to apply for the start-up program visa. A QUALIFYING BUSINESS PLAN PROFICIENCY IN ENGLISH OR FRENCH AT A MINIMUM OF CANADIAN LANGUAGE BENCHMARK OF FIVE COMMITMENT CERTIFICATE AND LETTER OF SUPPORT FROM DESIGNATED ENTERPRISE SUFFICIENT AND TRANSFERABLE SETTLEMENT FUNDS There are other business ownership requirements as well, for the start-up visa program. In order for the candidate to qualify for a permanent residence, they must meet the following criteria- The candidate must own at least 10 percent of the voting rights in the corporation. The intended business should be incorporated and carrying on business in Canada. No other individual can hold fifty percent or more of the voting rights in the corporation. VCAN immigration solutions is one of the best business visa consultants in Brampton. We are a Canada-based immigration company with the main motto of representing of families, skilled workers, students, businessmen, and professionals who are deciding to immigrate to Canada. We make ensure that our clients receive accurate advice and adequate guidance. We keep them updated with all the necessary details with regard to their application for immigration to Canada. Follow Us On- Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest Google My Business

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