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  • Provincial Nominee Program for Different Provinces of Canada

    Canada is the top choice for migration because of its world-class education system, multicultural society, thriving economy, accessible healthcare, and lastly, natural beauty. Canada has always been very welcoming to immigrants. Earlier this year, the federal government announced Canada would aim to welcome over one million new permanent residents between 2020 and 2022. Data from New Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) reveals Canada welcomed 15,025 new immigrants in September 2020. If you’re someone looking to migrate to Canada, then you must be familiar already with the different immigration options. Some of the most popular options include Family Sponsorship, Live-In Caregiver Program, Federal Skilled Worker Program, Express Entry, and Provincial Nominee Program. The Canada Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is one of the most accessible ways to settle in Canada. The Canadian Government has made an agreement with the provinces to have their own programs through which the province nominates an immigrant who wishes to live, settle, and work in that particular province. What is the Provincial Nominee Program? The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) was set up to address the labour shortage in the provinces. If you are a skilled professional with experience in technology, finance, healthcare, or education you can move to Canada through the PNP program. Following are the different provinces offering PNP: The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) was set up to address the labour shortage in the provinces. If you are a skilled professional with experience in technology, finance, healthcare, or education you can move to Canada through the PNP program. Following are the different provinces offering PNP: · Alberta Provincial Nominee Program This western province, home to thriving cities like Calgary, and Edmonton is the fourth most populated province of Canada. Alberta attracts immigrants to work in its oil and gas industry. It offers PNP streams to both Express Entry as well as non-Express entry applicants. · British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program British Columbia is the third most populated province. The BCPNP offers a wide range of streams for students, entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, and skilled labour. The three main categories under BCPNP include Express Entry, Skilled Immigration, and Entrepreneur Immigration. · Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program This western province of Canada has over 110,000 lakes. People immigrate to Manitoba to establish permanent residency. Manitoba’s PNP has undergone huge changes and introduced many new streams for immigrants. It has two categories for workers, one category for International Students, and one for Business Investors. · New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program New Brunswick, located at the east is one of the four Atlantic provinces of Canada. Its PNP is looking for immigrants to contribute to the economic growth of the province. It has three categories for skilled workers, and the other two for entrepreneurs. · Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program Newfoundland and Labrador are also one of the four Atlantic provinces, located at the extreme east of the country. Some of the most important professions in this province are mining, oil production, manufacturing, and financial services. It has five streams for skilled workers, international students, and entrepreneurs. · Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program Nova Scotia is the second smallest of Canadian provinces. Although its PNPs are very diversified, few of them are aligned toward physicians. It is an increasingly popular destination among immigrants. · Northwest Territories Provincial Nominee Program This federal territory is located in the northwest of Canada. There are four streams under the Northwest territories PNP, and only one of them is express entry aligned. For moving here, you should have a job offer. · Nunavut Provincial Nominee Program Nunavut is the newest, and largest territory of Canada. There is no Nunavut PNP or any services available to the immigrants. · Ontario Provincial Nominee Program Ontario, the most populated province is the most popular destination for immigrants. Canada’s largest city Toronto is also located here. Its PNP with 9 streams is one of the most diversified PNPs in Canada. Three of the streams are Express Entry aligned. · Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program The smallest province of Canada, Prince Edward Island welcomes immigrants based on their skills, and their willingness to work for the growth of the economy, and the current in-demand occupations. Some of the in-demand professions are Engineers, Healthcare professionals, Social workers, Industry labour. · Quebec Provincial Nominee Program Quebec has a unique agreement on immigration with the Government of Canada. The province has its own rules and foreign nationals have to go through a two-step immigration process. Quebec selects candidates who demonstrate skills to become financially established there. · Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) follows the process of provincial nomination in choosing immigrants, which means Saskatchewan chooses its nominees to present to the Government of Canada for permanent residence. Its PNP has 4 categories for skilled workers, entrepreneurs, international graduates, and farm owners. · Yukon Provincial Nominee Program The territory of Yukon is looking for candidates, workers, and businessmen to contribute to their economy. Its PNP has three streams for workers, and one for businessmen. There are over 80 different schemes offered by these provinces. Quebec administers its own immigration programs which are distinct from those of federal and other provincial programs. There are mainly two types of PNP Programs- - The skilled worker PNP- This program allows quick processing for skilled workers. If you already have a job offer from a local provincial business in an occupation or sector that meets the local provincial needs, you’d be eligible to apply to this program. - The business immigration program- If you want to invest money, establish a new business, or partner up with a local business in the province, you can apply through the business immigration PNP. How does the Provincial Nominee Program work? Under the Canadian immigration system, there are two main options you can choose for applying through the Provincial Nominee Program. You can apply directly to a province you want to settle in. This is usually the longer process, it will take you several months before you find out whether your application has been selected. You should meet all the criteria of the province before applying. Another process is the Express Entry PNP scheme. Almost every province in Canada has an Express Entry scheme along with a list of their in-demand occupations. When you apply through this scheme, a province directly selects your profile from the Express Entry pool on the basis of your skills and experience. For someone seriously willing to move to Canada, the question might arise, “Which province is the easiest to get into?” Well, the answer is if you meet the PNP requirements, any province can be the easiest. However, it might be obvious that things would be easier if you already have a job offer from a particular province. Even if you don’t have a job offer, there are several popular PNP schemes that do not require applicants to have job offers. Many Provincial Nominee Programs require applicants to have a link to the province. The applicant should have previous job, or previous study experience in the province. Many PNP streams benefit if you have already stayed in the province. It would be easier for a student to apply for permanent residence through PNP if they are already studying in the same province. How Vcan Immigration can help you? Finding the right PNP depends on your situation, skills, experience, as well as your ability to meet the local labour market. It could be confusing for applicants to understand the different schemes. Vcan Immigration Solutions is a Canada based immigration company. For the last 20 years, we have been helping students, businessmen, families, professionals, and skilled workers willing to migrate to Canada. Our experience and knowledge ensure that you find the PNP tailored for you. There have been several instances when candidates who did not qualify to immigrate to Canada under one of the many immigration programs qualified under a PNP. Reach out to us to know how you can take advantage of the Provincial Nominee Program. Follow us on:- Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube LinkedIn

  • Is it easy to get a Visitor Visa for Canada?

    Planning to visit Canada for a vacation but terrified about that long, nerve-wracking visa application process? We have got you covered. In this blog we are dispensing answers to all the questions swirling in your mind like is it easy to get a visitor visa for Canada, what are the documents required, eligibility criteria, validity and so on. So, let’s get started. What is a Visitor Visa? A visitor visa is an official document that Canadian authorities attach to your passport. The document is a proof which shows that you have met all the requirements to enter Canada. They are of two types: single entry visa (one time entry in the country) and multiple entry visa(multiple entries in the country). Note- Some countries are exempted from possessing a visitor visa for Canada. Please check this detail before applying for the visa. If you belong to the exempted category then you need to possess an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Apply for an eTA instead, before visiting to Canada. Validity Normally, a visitor visa (single entry) is valid for 6 and multiple entry visa is valid for 5-10 years. But sometimes at the entry port, officers might put a stamp on your passport and provide you with a document called a visitor record which indicates the date at which you need to leave the country. It can be less than 6 months. If you do not get a stamp in your passport then you can reside in Canada for 6 months from the day you entered the country or your passport expiry, whichever is earlier. Eligibility criteria A valid passport. Healthy medical condition. A proof that you are financially sound to bear all your expenses in Canada. A proof that will ensure your return to your home country like residence papers or any other ties outside Canada. A proof that you are visiting for a short period of time and intend to leave after the purpose of visit is over. A proof that you are employed in your home country and have no intention to undertake any kind of employment in Canada. No criminal records and not posing a security threat to the country. How to apply You can apply for visa through online mode of application and offline as well. Online- For online process of application you need to first sign into Citizen and Immigration website (CIC). Choose the option of visitor visa and fill in the mandatory details and save them. After that, download all the application forms to fill them. Be careful while filling these forms, the information provided should be accurate and to the best of your knowledge. After duly filling the forms upload them on the website, then upload all the documents mentioned in the form. After that pay your visa fee and biometric fee and finally, submit your application. Once you are done keep a constant tab on your application status. If it is approved, gather all the documents and approved application form, fee receipts and visit your nearest local visa application center for further assistance and biometric submission. Offline- The only difference here is that the staff at the application center will guide you at every step and then submit your application. Documents The document required for your entry depends on certain factors:- · Your nationality · The country that issues your travel documents · Your mode of travelling to Canada · Type of travel document Although the basic documents that are needed to be handy at all times are:- 1. Passport 2. The valid visa application form 3. Fee receipts 4. Proof of no criminal record 5. Health test reports 6. Photograph according to Canadian Visa 7. Financial statements/ Bank statement 8. Reason to return to home country 9. Cover letter to disclose the purpose to travel. It can be any document or contact information of the person who can verify your situation. The processing time usually takes two-four weeks but it also depends on the visa office of the country you are applying from. The process can be really daunting but try to keep every possible document ready in case the need arises. If you are planning to travel with family, you have to apply for each person individually with all of their valid documents. Do not try to misinterpret your information in any case. You visa application will get rejected immediately. At the end we would just say that Canada is an exquisite country and visiting it after all that draining process will be worth it. VCAN immigration solutions is an immigration consultancy for Canada. We represent families, businessmen, professionals, students and skilled workers who wish to immigrate to Canada. With our expertise and experience in Canadian immigration, we can help create a rock solid visa application case. Our team will always be at your service and will guide you with filling forms, documentation and any other query which can hinder your Canada trip. Make sure to have a successful visa application by consulting us. Follow us on:- Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter

  • 10 Reasons to Love Canada

    If ever, the thought of moving across to another country crossed your mind, we are absolutely sure that Canada prospered the list. To be frank, we are not surprised, after all ‘The land of Maple leaf’ outshines any other country with its eternal natural beauty, quality of living, and the liberal perspective. The country is also an abode of opportunities and liberty which automatically makes it a better place to live in. In this blog, we are endowing you with 10 reasons to love Canada more than you already do, so here we go. Reasons 1. Unity in Diversity- With sizable number of assorted Members of Parliament who ensure tolerance and multiculturalism, Canada is undoubtedly, one of the most diverse nations in the world. You walk down the streets of Toronto or Vancouver and you will feel an aura of familiarity in terms of multiple foreign languages spoken or inhaling the scent of delicious international cuisines. It doesn’t matter if you’re outgoing personality or private one, this country will embrace you like no other. It feels like home far from home. 2. Immigrant Friendly- Canada’s disparate population figures will leave you in awe! You move from anywhere to this country, you will sure shot find at least few local’s of your home country here living like you and that’s just how Canada is; acceptance and respect are a part of national spirit. This mosaic approach resulted in Canada being the only country with the largest numbers of visa options and according to grapevine Canada plans to welcome more than 1 million immigrants by the year 2022; Huge right!! This shows how well they treat the people of their country, irrespective of their origin. 3. Rich economy- Wealth is naturally bestowed on Canada and that’s why it has 10th largest and impeccably robust economy. A large portion of the income is contributed by oil and gas industry whereas metals like gold, copper, uranium, iron devote to country’s remarkable GDP. The wealth is also benefitted by booming tourism industry as people flock from all over the world to witness this enchanting beauty. 4. Natural artistry- Canada is breathtakingly beautiful and acclaimed for its gorgeous scenery and uninhabited land. The view of sparkling lakes and rivers with untouched natural environment is a sight to live for. There are mountains, then there is the spectacular vision of Aurora Borealis, there is countryside, then there is city like Toronto which is popular all over the world for its attractiveness. You can literally spend your weekends kayaking, watching whales or hiking. In short be ready to be dazzled at every turn in the country. 5. Quality education- Believe it or not education is the most vital factor in an individual’s life and Canada seems to take it quite seriously! With zenithal budget allotted for education, both primary and secondary, Canada officially has the highest number of educated people on the planet. And here’s another fact, four of the elite universities in the world are located in Canada and over all there are 95 different universities across Canada with their own campus life and opportunities; sounds so cool and all the more reason to love the country. 6. Safety and security- Despite being so diverse and full of immigrants, Canada is acknowledged for its incredibly low crime rates. According to the Global Peace Index (GPI), it is one of the safest places to live on earth. The strong gun owning laws and stringent policies also make it safe. 7. Culinary tales- Ever heard of gravy and cheese curd on fried potatoes? Or potato chips literally flavored to taste like ketchup, well no worries they are two of the popular delicacies. You will also find some modern European restaurants serving fine dining experience and on the other hand Tim Horton’s. It’s just the perfect blend of varied cuisines and food culture that is relished all across the country. 8. Medical facilities- Just like its education, Canada gives utmost priority to its health care system. This system was adopted in the 1960s and till date they consider it to be a fundamental right of every citizen. The facilities offered are free and every region provides all the residents an access to these facilities. 9. Progressive thinking- In 1971, Canada adopted multiculturalism as its official policy. This policy ensures that every single citizen can keep the identity they want to keep and have a sense of belonging. Most of the countries even today are struggling to cope up with this issue. It also became the fourth country to legalize same sex marriage, allowing you to love whoever you want. Now how can you not love Canada after this!! 10. People- Last but definitely not the least, the people of the country, they are simply amazing. You can stand on the street utterly clueless and still can count on anybody to guide you. They apologize profusely even for slightest misdeed. They are humorous and do not take every dig to their hearts (except hockey) and they genuinely believe in giving back and helping each other. What more can you want from a country to live in. While these are just ten, we can give you many more reasons to love Canada like no other country in the world. Everything is so perfectly managed and executed that life becomes easy when you live there. Also to mention, the prime minister is super awesome so you can expect the country THAT incredible. Located in 10 Gillingham Drive, Brampton, VCAN Immigration Solutions is one of the best immigration consultants for Canada. We ensure that our clients receive authentic and accurate guidance at an affordable price so that their dreams are not compromised. We provide you with immigration services, temporary visa, study permits and citizenship services. We value your privacy hence our strict confidentiality regulations regarding all the documents of client is taken seriously. If Canada is in your mind then we are your one stop solution for it. Visit our website for more details and information or get in touchwith us for guidance and free assessment.

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  • Free Assessment | Immigration Eligibility Screening | Canada | VCAN IMMIGRATION

    The Personal Information You Provide To VCAN Immigration Solutions Is Secure And Is Collected With The Sole Purpose Of Assessing Your Eligibility For Immigration To Canada Under The Current Selection Criteria. Free Assessment Form Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Immigration Consultant | Canada | RCIC-CRIC| Vcan Immigration Solution | Ontario

    CANADA IMMIGRATION MADE EASY CALL US 905-230-3111 START ONLINE Find Out If You Are Eligible VCAN IMMIGRATION SOLUTIONS VCAN Immigration Solutions is a Canada based immigration company, representing families, businessmen, professionals and skilled workers considering to immigrate to Canada. At VCAN, we are committed to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. Our aim is to ensure that our clients receive accurate advice, proper guidance and updated information with respect to their application for immigration to Canada. More about us Our Services FAMILY CLASS SPONSORSHIP or Parental Spousal Spouse, Parents and grandparents may be eligible to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents. If you are a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, you may be able to sponsor your parent or grandparent to become a permanent resident under the Family Class. Read more EXPRESS ENTRY Express Entry System is established for more than five years now and over 200,000 applicants already received to permanent residence under this program. They have been issued to a diverse range and highly skilled immigrants Read more CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP Since 2010, Canada has welcomed an average of more than 290,000 permanent residents each year. Many of these newcomers are in the process of becoming Canadian citizens, and many more will apply for Canadian citizenship in the future. Read more VISITOR VISA / SUPER VISA Travellers with passports from other countries need a visitor visa (temporary resident visa) to enter Canada. After completing some basic requirements, a visa is an official document that is inserted inside a passport giving permission for you to come to Canada. Read more Study Permit Canada is the home of some of the world's top research facilities and academic institutions. Learn in supportive academic environments where professors are approachable and classrooms reflect the cultural diversity of our land. Enter the workforce with qualifications that are recognized and respected the world over. Start your education in Canada with valuable information . Every Year More Than 100,000 International Students Come To Canada To Study. A Is A Document Issued By Immigration, Refugees And Citizenship Canada (IRCC, Formerly Known As CIC) That Allows A Foreign National To Study In Canada For A Limited Time. Study Permit READ MORE PROVINCIAL NOMINEE PROGRAM (PNP) Through Provincial Nominee Program, prospective immigrants with the skills and experience targeted by the province may receive an Provincial Nomination Certificate, which will allow that foreign national to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence with processing times that are faster than other Canadian immigration classes. READ MORE Why Choose Us? We Identify the most suitable option for your Canadian immigration We ensure that required documents and application forms are completed We prepare, vet and submit your application with the visa office​. We Communicate and Follow up with the Visa Office, on your behalf We prepare you for your personal interview (if required) with the Visa Office We keep you informed every step of the application process What Our Clients Have to Say ? Simran Kaur They are really good and trustworthy. They gave me a genuine advice on which college and course to select for my career. I will always recommend to my family and friends. Sathya Nathan I had some issues to bring my distant family members to Canada. I dealt with 6 different consultants and non of them didn't solve the problem. Finally Mr. Harvinder Badalia help me to bring them. So I highly recommend him to handle any difficult cases. Vipin Chaudhry Not only that the services provided are up to the mark but the team at VCan is so humble and knowledgeable. They provide you with the best possible solutions to choose from. I highly recommend them. Gurjeet Kaur If someone looking for genuine guidance and services then must visit this place ones.As My husband got refusal for open work permit but when i visited this place and after filing he got visa in few weeks also i have applied for my in-laws they also got approval.Most important thing they are going to charge very nominal fees which is genuine.please visit this place and meet mr Harvinder sir. Rattan Singh Thanks Harwinder sir and his team, Working with the team of Vcan immigration and their trusted partners was an incredibly wonderful experience! The team is extremely knowledgeable, responsive and has the great partnerships to get the job done in an efficient and timely manner. I highly recommend, please visit once for your immigration query, you will definitely get best results. Thanks Mandeep Kaur I am highly satisfied with the staff .They are very cooperative and supportive. I am very thankful to them as they provided genuine help in achieving my goal. So i highly recommend this to anybody seeking immigration consultancy and services. Harsimran Kaur I appreciate the services provided by VCAN immigration. Mr Badalia is an experienced professional as well as a great human being. The entire staff at the office is so accommodating and experienced. All the queries are answered timely and they make the process pretty smooth. I highly recommend this office. Thank you Navneet Virk Amazing services offered by VCan. It was pleasure meeting the staff and Mr Badalia. Excellent communication and very clear approach. I recommend them 100 percent for honest advise Inderpreet kaur Mr. Harvinder Badalia helped me get Canadian PR through Express Entry, something I had been trying for years. My case was very complicated and it seem almost impossible at times. But it was a blessing to finally find Mr. Badalia to handle my case. He takes his time to communicate and explain each and every thing. He is extremely knowledgeable in the field especially Express entry. I highly recommend VCAN Immigration solutions for all your immigration needs! Venkata Thumma I Really Recommend VCAN Immigration Services.One of the best Consultancy for Canadian spouse and PR visa application espicially. I have applied spouse visa for my wife and children thorough them.They are fantastic ,hassle free process.I highly recommend VCAN immigration. Licenses & Memberships Latest Immigration News & updates

  • Alberta | Immigrant Nominee Program | PNP | Immigration Canada|VCAN IMMIGRATION

    ALBERTA IMMIGRANT NOMINEE PROGRAM (AINP) Located in Western Canada, Alberta has a rapidly growing economy based in large part on its vast natural resources. Home to two of Canada's largest cities, Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta is the most populous of the country's three 'Prairie provinces'. It is also renowned as one of the most beautiful parts of North America, with famous national parks such as Banff and Jasper. ​ The AINP is Alberta's Provincial Nominee Program. Through this program, prospective immigrants with the skills and experience targeted by the province may receive an Alberta Provincial Nomination Certificate, which will speed up the overall immigration process. The AINP consists of three main immigration streams: Strategic Recruitment Stream Employer-Driven Stream Self-Employed Farmer Stream

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