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  • Facts About Working in Canada

    Canada is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world for individuals seeking to get far in their careers. It is known for providing people with an opportunity to climb up the ladder in their current careers, start a new career from scratch, or expand their work communities. Even after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Canada has still added a number of jobs. In July, 94, 000 jobs were added, which shows that Canada’s economy continues to grow. Before moving to a new place for work, you might have some questions in mind. Here are a few facts about working in Canada: Canada has many coveted jobs There are many in-demand jobs in Canada, and if you so much as qualify for one of them, you’ll instantly see that many doors open up for you. The range of jobs you can apply to will be wide, and you will also be eligible for Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) of certain provinces, and get a permanent residency there. The minimum wage in Canada is also pretty high, at $15 per hour. Shown below are some jobs and their salaries in a year: Truck Driver - $44, 836 Registered Nurse - $77, 603 General Labourer - $47,678 Welder - $73,504 Web Developer - $69,305 Canada draws a fair line between work and life Finding a work-life balance is something many people struggle with today in this fast-paced world. You will be sure to find this in Canada, as organizations in Canada place special weight on the mental health of their employees. You can, therefore, dedicate yourself to your work without compromising on your time spent with friends and family doing recreational activities. This proves even more useful for people with young children who need constant love and attention from their parents. Based on a study done by Forbes, 79% of the employees in Canadian workplaces are happy with their jobs, relaxed, face a lowered risk of burnout, and are very content with the way they’re able to manage their work and personal lives. Canada offers a great number of employee benefits Every single workplace in Canada has in place a system to offer its employees a set of mandatory benefits. These include a pension fund, maternity leave, and employment insurance. In Canada, even the fathers get a paid paternity leave for a long period of time, so their newborns can get accustomed to them and they can also help their wives take care of things around the house. There is a standard paid leave of 25 days every year, and there are also retirement benefits, finances provided for healthcare, gym memberships, and office canteens. Some Canadian companies even go so far as to have nap rooms, comfortable beds, and pet spaces for their employees to unwind and relax. This just shows how much Canada values the mental health of its employees. There are two paydays every month This means that if you find yourself short on money a few days into a new month, you won’t have to wait till the end of the month to get paid again. This system truly helps one manage their finances. The paydays in Canada happen within two weeks of each other on Wednesday. You get paid for the pay period that you have completed before. One payday period is 10 working days long, and this starts on Thursday after you get paid, and ends on Wednesday two weeks later, the day you get paid. High cost of living The cost of living in Canada is pretty high, but it also depends on where in Canada you choose to settle down. Approximately, an individual living alone would need around $2800 a month to pay their expenses, and an average family of four would need about $5300 per month. With enough work experience, you can get a permanent residency Even if you’re working in Canada on a work visa, over time you can elevate to getting a permanent residency there. For this, you will have to qualify for the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program, after which you can apply for permanent residency through Express Entry. You will be able to move to whichever province or territory you please, and you won’t have to exhibit any proof of settlement funds. This means that you can be relocated and a permanent resident of Canada within three to four months of applying. If you’re looking to move to Canada and are unsure where to start, please do consult with us at VCAN Immigration Solutions. We represent families and individuals who desire to move to Canada. The rules of immigration are continuously changing, and our aim is to provide our clients with accurate information and steady guidance about moving to Canada in the midst of all this confusion. We are equipped with a team of trained and sincere individuals who are ready to comply with your every wish. We understand that immigrating can seem like a daunting task, and are here to make that process as easy as possible for you, with the highest level of security maintained. There are many pathways for applying to immigration to Canada, and we analyze your profiles and select the one best suited for you and guide you through it step by step. Follow Us On Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter Google My Business

  • The Time To Immigrate is Now!

    Migrating to a whole new country can be terrifying; getting adjusted to a new environment, new people, and a new lifestyle. If you are considering moving to Canada however, put your inhibitions aside, for the perfect time to move there is now! Just in 2020, Canada issued 61850 ITA’s (Invitation To Apply), and that number will only see an increase in the coming days. This generosity shown by Canada is due to a few reasons that will be discussed here. Canada Loves Students In 2019, Canada was home to more than 650, 000 students from all over the world studying at university level, and above 58, 000 alumni of Canadian universities have gone on to get a permanent residency there. This hasn’t changed even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, with Canada displaying relentless support for students from other countries. Their government is also making the process of applying for a Canadian study permit easier. Studying in Canada opens students up to brand new horizons, and they can move to other countries hassle-free if they choose to do so, or they could opt to become a permanent resident. Canada’s Economy is At An All Time High Research has proven that in June of 2020, Canada’s economy gave rise to over a million jobs. Such a strong job market implies the need for more foreign employees. This surely comes as welcome news for any hopeful permanent residents or those who aim to get a work permit in Canada. In order to keep their economy growing, Canada aims to keep their labour force expanding by even a small amount each year. This wouldn’t be possible if not for immigrants, as finding qualified employees might prove to be a hard task due to Canada’s ageing population. More and more Canadians are retiring, and the number of Canadian students in school is decreasing. Immigrants therefore contribute a lot to Canada’s economy, namely by filling the gaps in its work force, contributing to taxes, goods, and services such as transportation and housing. You Help Canada’s Health Force In order to provide its residents with the luxury of free healthcare, Canada first needs staff that gives them that option. This is put at their disposal by young and capable immigrants, and due to this reason they contribute more to Canada’s economy than they receive in return. An increasing number of immigrants in Canada work in the health industry, and according to research done in 2016, more than 330, 000 work in health- related fields. Canada is Certain About the Credibility of Their Immigrants All immigrants to Canada go through a carefully and painstakingly carried out screening process before they’re allowed in, to make sure that they don’t have a criminal background, don’t pose a risk to the country, and are in perfectly good health and condition so as to not be a liability to Canada. Immigrants who don’t match the criteria might not be allowed in, and those who start making a track record once in Canada risk their license to stay there getting revoked. This shows how meticulous Canada is with their immigration procedures, and if you’re in good health and low-abiding, you have no reason to worry about not being let in. You Revive Fading Canadian Communities Immigrants have shown a tendency to settle down in communities around Canada that are diminishing in number. These include minority areas like Prairies, Atlantic Canada, and Francophone. Immigrants settle in these communities and help them grow, preventing their obscurity and eventual extinction. In the late 20th century, only 10% of immigrants settled outside the mainstream cities of Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec. By 2017, this statistic had increased to about 40%. You Fully Adopt The Canadian Way of Life As hard as the initial stages of moving to Canada can be, with time you grow accustomed to it and soon even feel a sense of belonging to it. You get to enjoy all the privileges enjoyed by Canadian citizens, like a decent salary and free healthcare, you get to be a part of Canada’s social responsibilities like community service and volunteering, and you even get to become Canadian by taking a citizenship test. You Can Settle In Canada Forever Unlike in the United States of America, where it could take decades to get a permanent residence, Canada allows deserving workers to immediately apply for a permanent residence if they befit the criteria for a program. Once you have received a permanent residence, you get to settle down and work in any city in Canada of your choice. You’re also made eligible for all Canadian health care plans and their social services. You then won’t have to fret over huge medical bills that leave a dip in your bank account. Canada is a popular destination for immigrants, and a major part of the country that Canada is today can be ascribed to them. So what are you waiting for, go out there and make your dreams come true! Follow Us On Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter Google My Business

  • Importance Of Certificates And Licences In Canada

    Canada, being the top immigration destiny for Indians, is quite strict about the certificates, licenses and various other government documents. Even the immigration process of Canada requires the candidate to submit various documents and identity proofs. The Canadian government is stern when it comes to the legal affairs and legal documents of both the citizens and the immigrants. Therefore, these documents are held in high regard and hold a lot of importance. These documents are the basic requirement for anyone to be called a citizen of the respective nation. Hence, if you are aiming to immigrate to Canada, then it is a must for you to understand the importance of certificates and licenses in Canada. Importance of Certificates and Licenses in Canada: First of all, it is important to know the basic significance of certificates. Legal certifications are a proof of your accomplishments and achievements. They act as an evidence of your eligibility for various job opportunities, academic advancements and in this case, immigration to different countries and nations. A license grants you legal permission to partake and explore various sectors and again, marks your eligibility. There a wide variety of certifications raging from academic qualification certification to immigration certifications and also a wide variety of licenses ranging from drivers license to licenses qualifying you for various jobs. All of these are immensely important. Now, with respect to only Canada, the Canadian colleges, universities and work places offer professional certifications that will pave the way for your future in terms of vast job opportunities. These certificates obtained in Canada in various fields like education, health, IT, finance, will help you fetch a high paying job and will help in the head start of your career. Canadian certificates are regarded with high importance all over the world, as Canada has one of the best education, healthcare and economic systems in the world. There are over 300 certificate programs in Canada. These certificate programs are quick but efficient. These programs are available in various fields and will help you score your desired job. Most of this certificate programs usually require a year or less to be completed. Some of these programs pay a good salary with the candidate having little to no experience. Thus, these short certificate programs offered in Canada can prove to be a boon if you are seeking for a job. A lot of active job seekers pursue these programs to in the hopes of quickly fetching a job. The popularity of these certificate programs goes on to showcase the importance of certificates in Canada. Apart from this, in order to immigrate to Canada through their various immigration programs like Express Entry, Federal Skill Workers Programs or Spousal Programs, you will need certificates of qualifications confirming that you are eligible for these programs. One such example is the Federal Skilled Trades Programs where the certificate confirms that a candidate is eligible to work in a specific trade in Canada. In order to obtain this certificate, you will have to pass the certification exam conducted by the province and also meet all the other basic requirements like a good IELTS score and adequate language abilities. After clearing the certification exam you will be issued the certificate by the Canadian Federal Authority or by the respective Canadian province. Thus, without this certificate, you will not be eligible for immigration to Canada through this program. Different programs like this need different certifications, hence certificates are extremely important in Canada. Lack of these certificates will deprive you of job opportunities, academic opportunities, permanent residency, immigration benefits and even citizenship. Thus, these certificates and licenses are requires to avail all the above mentioned benefits and opportunities. With proper certificates, you can not only avail best job opportunities but also retain them. Candidates with eligible certificates are regarded with high interest and given more importance in the industry sector. Thus, there will be more scope for promotions with the help of certifications. This will help you in the advancement of your career. Another importance of these certificates and licenses is that they ensure professional credibility to you. This kind of credibility can prove to be of immense significance to you to build your brand value. Moreover, certifications from recognized institutions confirm the capabilities of an individual and leave no room for doubt. Hence, it helps in building trust and confidence in an individual. Finally, these certificates promote the personal growth of an individual as they are a testimony to the accomplishments of a candidate and an evidence of eligibility. These certificates become an important part of competition thus leading to the self improvement of an individual. In Canada, since the immigration rate is high with thousands of foreigners immigrating every year, these certificates become the basis of the evaluation criterion to assess a candidate. Therefore, these certificates play a major role in the immigration process and are also extremely important in Canada. About Us: We are VCanImmigrate, an immigration consultant in Brampton. We are here to help you immigrate to Canada and guide you through the entire process of immigration. We ensure that all the legal formalities are rightly fulfilled and leave you hassle free. We prepare all your application forms and documents and make sure that they are accurately filled. We also communicate with the Visa office and help you prepare for the personal interview. We are here to keep you free of any stress when it comes to the immigration. We make immigration easy and affordable. Our team of professional consultants will deliver you the best advice and will adequately communicate with you at every step. We offer our consultancy services in various programs like express entry programs, skilled workers programs and many more such immigration programs. Check out our website for more information. Contact us right now by visiting our website and book an appointment right now to avail the best immigration consultancy services in Brampton. We are here to support you at every step and make your dream of immigration come true! Follow Us On:- Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter Google My Business

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  • Testimonials | VCAN IMMIGRATION

    Testimonials Rasleen Kaur VCan Immigration is a thoroughly professional and considerate organisation. They're very meticulous in their operations, reason being, they're fully updated with the latest rules & regulations required for immigration purposes. ​ Above all, they do the hand holding throughout the process irrespective of time taken. I wish them luck and prosperity for all those who associate with them. Twinkle Ritesh Patel We are very thankful to VCAN Immigration. Special thanks to Harjeet kaur and Garima for assisting us. My husband had previously 3 rejection from other consultants and VCAN immigration guides us in the right way. Finally my husband got a visa and their consultancy fees are reasonable compared to other consultancy. Navpreet Rajvinder I applied for a spouse visa for my husband from vcan immigration, Ms Mandeep kaur suggested that I visit there, she is also working over there and she is best at her work. Sir harvinder guided in the best way he could and mam garima was always in contact with me throughout the process of my file, I got my husband's visa in just 4.5 months. Staff is very helpful. I recommend everyone to visit their office and start your file processing from them. ​ Thank you to vcan immigration family for everything you did for me. Pawandeep Baltej I would highly recommend the VCAN immigration service. I am so thankful to Harwinder sir and the whole team. With the help of VCAN immigration service my husband got a spouse open work permit visa after 3 refusals. I am very satisfied with your service Harwinder sir. Inderpreet I'm very thankful to 🌼Vcan 🌼that today I receive my visa approval letter. As all the credit goes to them because they deal the client in a polite manner with great responsibility. All employees always give the instant report and help the client at every single step. Whatever I say isn't enough for them. Once again thanks a lot.😇 Manpreet Amrinder I really appreciate Vcan services, Harwinder sir is an experienced person with polite nature. Really happy I chose this immigration to get my Pr done. Am in contact with them from my study permit to PR. It was a wonderful experience. Harjeet mam, thank you for your support at each and every step of my immigration process. Will sure recommend to my friends and family.Take care. Staff is very helpful. I recommend everyone to visit their office and start your file processing from them. ​ Thank you to vcan immigration family for everything you did for me. Manpreet Dhillon From the very first meeting I found Mr. Harvinder to be extremely knowledgeable about options and processes required for immigration processes in Canada. He assisted me in my whole journey started as a student and now I am a permanent resident with my daughter. I really appreciate his professionalism and follow ups on a time to time basis. I am also grateful to his team especially Ms. Harjit. She was very supportive and highly responsive throughout my PR process. My all queries were responded to quickly and promptly by her all the time. I highly recommend Vcanimmigration to anyone in need of services provided by them. Sarvjeet Simran Thank you vcan immigration for providing excellent service. Finally by god grace, with the help of Harwinder sir i got my husband spousal open work permit. Specially thanks to Garima mam she always answered my all queries on time and in polite manner. Maninder ​ Thanks to vcan immigration. Today i got my visa. My experience was great . All thanks to vcan immigration. Jaspreet Very good service, my parents’ visa got approved in just 15 days after 2 prior refusals. They put all their efforts to get your visa approved ASAP. Thank you to the team View More Reviews

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