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Is it easy to get a Visitor Visa for Canada?

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Planning to visit Canada for a vacation but terrified about that long, nerve-wracking visa application process? We have got you covered. In this blog we are dispensing answers to all the questions swirling in your mind like is it easy to get a visitor visa for Canada, what are the documents required, eligibility criteria, validity and so on. So, let’s g

et started.

What is a Visitor Visa?

A visitor visa is an official document that Canadian authorities attach to your passport. The document is a proof which shows that you have met all the requirements to enter Canada. They are of two types: single entry visa (one time entry in the country) and multiple entry visa(multiple entries in the country).

Note- Some countries are exempted from possessing a visitor visa for Canada. Please check this detail before applying for the visa.

If you belong to the exempted category then you need to possess an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Apply for an eTA instead, before visiting to Canada.


Normally, a visitor visa (single entry) is valid for 6 and multiple entry visa is valid for 5-10 years. But sometimes at the entry port, officers might put a stamp on your passport and provide you with a document called a visitor record which indicates the date at which you need to leave the country. It can be less than 6 months.

If you do not get a stamp in your passport then you can reside in Canada for 6 months from the day you entered the country or your passport expiry, whichever is earlier.

Eligibility criteria

  • A valid passport.

  • Healthy medical condition.

  • A proof that you are financially sound to bear all your expenses in Canada.

  • A proof that will ensure your return to your home country like residence papers or any other ties outside Canada.

  • A proof that you are visiting for a short period of time and intend to leave after the purpose of visit is over.

  • A proof that you are employed in your home country and have no intention to undertake any kind of employment in Canada.

  • No criminal records and not posing a security threat to the country.

How to apply

You can apply for visa through online mode of application and offline as well.

Online- For online process of application you need to first sign into Citizen and Immigration website (CIC). Choose the option of visitor visa and fill in the mandatory details and save them. After that, download all the application forms to fill them. Be careful while filling these forms, the information provided should be accurate and to the best of your knowledge.

After duly filling the forms upload them on the website, then upload all the documents mentioned in the form. After that pay your visa fee and biometric fee and finally, submit your application. Once you are done keep a constant tab on your application status. If it is approved, gather all the documents and approved application form, fee receipts and visit your nearest local visa application center for further assistance and biometric submission.

Offline- The only difference here is that the staff at the application center will guide you at every step and then submit your application.


The document required for your entry depends on certain factors:-

· Your nationality

· The country that issues your travel documents

· Your mode of travelling to Canada

· Type of travel document

Although the basic documents that are needed to be handy at all times are:-

1. Passport

2. The valid visa application form

3. Fee receipts

4. Proof of no criminal record

5. Health test reports

6. Photograph according to Canadian Visa

7. Financial statements/ Bank statement

8. Reason to return to home country

9. Cover letter to disclose the purpose to travel. It can be any document or contact information of the person who can verify your situation.

The processing time usually takes two-four weeks but it also depends on the visa office of the country you are applying from. The process can be really daunting but try to keep every possible document ready in case the need arises. If you are planning to travel with family, you have to apply for each person individually with all of their valid documents. Do not try to misinterpret your information in any case. You visa application will get rejected immediately.

At the end we would just say that Canada is an exquisite country and visiting it after all that draining process will be worth it.

VCAN immigration solutions is an immigration consultancy for Canada. We represent families, businessmen, professionals, students and skilled workers who wish to immigrate to Canada. With our expertise and experience in Canadian immigration, we can help create a rock solid visa application case. Our team will always be at your service and will guide you with filling forms, documentation and any other query which can hinder your Canada trip.

Make sure to have a successful visa application by consulting us.

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