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Canadian Tourist Visa for Indians

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Canada is a place that offers surreal beauty for all the nature lovers out there. From camping beside rivers to hiking in mountainous trails to exploring cities, Canada is a paradise for travel lovers. There are places in Canada that can satiate the wanderlust of every type of traveler. Whether you want to go for a backpacking trip, or a leisure vacation Canada is an ideal place for you.

You will require a tourist visa to visit the second largest country if you are a citizen of India. Whether it is a short visit to your relatives, or you are planning a vacation, it is mandatory to get a visa before you visit. The purpose of your visit will determine the type of visa you will get. Your visa is the document that shows that you are allowed to visit the country.

Documents required for Visa

You will require the following documents to get your hands on the Canadian Tourist Visa

  • Original passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of arrival to Canada

  • Recent color photographs with white background in 35 mm*45 mm size

  • A cover letter explaining your purpose of visit, details of other members traveling with you, and your travel details

  • A medical statement declaring you are fit to travel (you may require to go through certain tests)

  • Financial statements to prove you are financially stable to travel to the country and bear your expenses

  • Air tickets to prove you will return on the end of your journey date

Other than the above-mentioned documents, you will be required to sign some agreement forms. You should not look for employment opportunities while you are there on your tourist visa. If you have plans to stay at your relatives' place there, you need to show proof of their residence. Also, carry all the necessary ID proofs.

How to Apply for Visa

Many countries enjoy the Visa on Arrival in Canada, but Indians do not yet enjoy this facility. You can apply for the process online or on paper. Once you go through all the processes, your visa application will be processed. You may have to require the visa office to submit your biometrics, or for an interview in the later stage.

Getting a visa approved is not easy. We will work to find the best strategy to make your application a success. Our experts will assist you to make the entire process a smooth and swift one.

How We Can Help You

The entire process of applying for a Visa and getting one in hand is very excruciating. You can neither afford to miss a step nor go through the entire process all over again. This is why you should hire immigration experts like VCAN Immigration. We specialize in all kinds of immigration solutions to Canada.

  • Based on your purpose, we can help you apply for the right kind of visa and also put forward a strategy that can guarantee your visa approval.

  • It is difficult to understand the lengthy process of visa application. You cannot risk missing any steps or forget to attach any document. Our experts can guide you in the documentation.

  • We will also help you navigate through the entire process. Through regular follow-ups we keep our clients updated about the status of their visa.

  • Dealing with the migration department can be stressful. You keep on reaching them with your queries only to hit a dead-end every time. Experts in the between can make the process smooth.

  • We charge a nominal service fee only for the services we offer. The process is very transparent and secure.

At VCAN Immigration, dedicated immigration experts are waiting to guide you on your special journey. Our aim is not just to ensure you get your visa and step into Canada, but we will guide you with the right information to help you make the correct decisions. We also prepare our clients for their one-to-one interviews with the officials. You can trust us to take care of all your visa needs.

If you are a student and need information about processing your study permit or you are just curious to explore the education options in Canada, book a consultation with us.

Home to natural parks, historical sites, waterfalls, and cities, Canada is a place that you have to visit to believe your eyes. The greenery around, the diverse culture, and vibrant cities will leave you mesmerized. If you are one of those eagerly waiting for the big international trip to make it worth the time you were stuck at home due to the pandemic, Canada should top your list. Consult us and start packing your bags today. Neither Canada nor VCAN Immigration will disappoint you.

Do not hesitate to visit to get in touch with us and start your application process today. You can also drop by at 10, Gillingham Drive, Brampton, Canada.

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