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Why students choose to study in Canada?

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

While there are several countries in the world who welcome students for

Higher studies, Canada stands out as one of the favourite amongst the

students all over the world. There are many good reasons behind Canada being

the most favoured country for higher studies even more than the U.K.


welcomed 642,000 international students in the year 2019 ranking third

globally as international students’ destination. Let’s explore a little about this

generous country to find out why students choose to study in Canada?

1.Excellent Quality of Education

Did you know 26 Canadian Universities rank inQS World University Rankings

2019 and 27 Canadian Universities rank in the The World University Rankings

2019? It is the testimony of how excellent their education system is.

A degree from a Canadian University is recognised and deemed as a higher

mark of excellence all over the world. They give world-class education to the

students and have highly qualified international scholars as their faculty.

2.Affordable Lifestyle and Education

Cost of living and tuition fee are very important factors which are taken into

consideration while applying for studies abroad. Students not only have to

deposit the fee,but they also have to pay the cost of rent, food, transportation etc.

in day to day lives.

Thankfully the Canadian government is aware of this and offers special

scholarship programmes to international students. The fee structure of

Canadian Universities is cheaper in comparison to the other English speaking

countries like the U.S. and the U.K.

The cost of daily expenses is also very affordable when compared with the

countries which have an education system as good as Canada.

3.Safe and Peaceful

Another big concern while planning to study abroad is Safety. Leaving your

home and moving to a whole new place in different country can be scary but if

you plan to move to Canada, you can be relaxed as Canada has been declared

as one of the most peaceful and safest nations around the globe by several

organisations including the UN.

Canada has very low rate of crime against women, racial discrimination, theft

etc. Here people are peace loving who like to live in harmony and government

also ensures equal rights to everyone. Their healthcare and insurance is also

inexpensive and can be easily afforded.

4.Opportunities to earn while studying

The Canadian government also allows the international students to work while

studying. You can get a full time or a part time job or work as an intern without

any special work permit. This way you can take care of your expenses and gain

some experience.

5.Language is no Barrier

Canada is a multilingual country. Although, it’s official languages are French

and English but because of its diversity you will find people from different

religions, languages and culture living here without any trouble.

Communication will not be a problem in Canada as you will definitely find

someone somewhere speaking your language. Besides, English will make it

easier for you.

6.Diverse Culture

Canada is a home for a huge number of people belonging to different

Ethnicities. Here people respect every culture and its value. Every year Canada

welcomes massive number of international students which has turned Canada

into a multicultural country where everyone has the freedom and right to

follow their religion, customs and tradition with dignity.

7.Great Opportunities for Research

Canadian Universities are famous for their research intensive education system

and it is ranked fourth in the world scientific research. Universities roll out

scholarship for students for their research work.

And not just the universities, Canadian government and industries also support

researchers and if the research idea is good enough they even bear the cost of

the research.

Canadian education system has immense appreciation for meaningful research

work in several disciplines and it promotes the researchers in several ways.

8.Excellent Job Opportunities

Since Canadian degrees are considered as a mark of excellence worldwide,

they open gates to a great career. After getting your degree you can either

work in any other country or in Canada itself as their government believes in

retaining their students.

The education system is designed to shape its students into skilful and smart


Whichever country you plan to work at, your education degree from Canada

will give you an edge.

9.Spectacular Place and Great Environment

Canada is a beautiful country surrounded by ocean from three sides. It has the

largest number lakes even more than all the lakes in the world combined. If

you are a nature lover or a traveller, studying here would be a treat for you.

10.Friendly People

People in the country are very friendly and benevolent which is evident from

the fact that Canada has become a home for people all over the world. 5 % of

Canada’s population comprises of immigrants.

They welcome people with open hearts without any biases. There would be

chances that you might find people from your own community or country.

If you are friendly, it will not be difficult for you to make friends here.

11.High Quality of Life

Canada is one of the strongest economies of the world. It has a high quality of

life where more than 90% of the population is connected to the internet.

Canada was the first country to connect its schools and libraries with the

internet. Here, cost of living is less but the standard of living is high.

12.Immigration Policies

If you want to become a Canadian citizen after your education, you can apply

for permanent citizenship after working there for one year.

You are given a work permit along with your student permit when you come

here for your education which can be used to work here for three years after

the completion of your studies. The government wants you to experience

Canada’s student as well as work life and if you like it here you can apply for a

citizenship after one year of working as a professional.

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Albert Porterfield
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Canada is renowned for its high-quality education system, which consistently ranks among the best globally. Students are attracted to the prospect of receiving an education that is recognized and respected worldwide, enhancing their career prospects. Contact Study Visa Consultant for more details regarding Immigration.

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