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5 Things You Should Know About Working in Canada

Moving to a new country, settling there, and starting everything from scratch takes a toll on everyone. You have to adapt to a new place where people have a different set of customs, a different lifestyle, or even speak a different language. Knowing beforehand what to expect makes things easier and you can prepare yourself accordingly.

If you are planning to move to Canada, finding a job should be on top of your list unless you’re a bum and want to live in a shelter. Canada has exciting job opportunities for immigrants. There is also a shortage of labor in Canada. This is also one of the main reasons why Canada welcomes workers. As a result, skilled workers can work in the mining, agriculture industries. Engineers and Doctors have also opportunities to join their respective sectors. Canada added more than 200,000 jobs in May 2020.

To work in Canada, you require a work permit before you even move to the country. Everyone who is not a permanent resident of Canada will need a work permit to work as a temporary foreign worker.

Canadian authorities give two types of permits-

- Open work permit- In simple words, with an open work permit, you can work under any employer in Canada except for those companies that do not comply with labor requirements.

However, there will be certain conditions mentioned on the permit including the type of work, places where you can work, and duration of work.

- Employer specific permit- This permit allows you to work under a single employer.

Things you should know about working in Canada

· You don’t need a job to immigrate to Canada

You can immigrate to Canada without having a job offer from any Canadian organization. This is a big relief for those who are looking to immigrate without having a job offer in hand. While having a job makes the process easier, but it’s not necessary. The Canadian immigration system is points-based. You get points based on your age, work experience, ability to speak French or English among other things. Having a job offer will fetch you more points.

· Professional Immigrant Networks (PIN)

Several Professional Immigrant Networks help in connecting a worker with an employer. There are different PINs for different sectors. It is the perfect place to start your job hunt. Some of the popular sectors represented by PINs are Business, Education, Engineering, Legal, Human Resources, Healthcare, and IT.

· Lost in translation

Canada is a bilingual country. Canadians speak both English and French. It would increase your job opportunities if you could speak both English and French. However, even if you can’t speak French, having a working knowledge of the language will help you professionally as well as socially. Your clients and colleagues may speak only French. Quebec is the only province where French is the sole language.

· Pay-day is twice a month

This is quite different. Unlike the rest of the world, Canadians receive their paycheck twice a month, usually in the middle and end of every month. Every province has its own employment standards. While there are organizations that pay their employees monthly, most organizations in Canada follow the rule of paying their employees twice a month.

· One-fifth of the population working in Canada are Foreign Nationals

Lastly, you should know you are not alone. There are several others who are sailing on the same boat. Canada is a country of immigrants. Toronto is referred to as the ‘most multicultural city’ because half of its population is born outside Canada. Most of the immigrants live in major cities like Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary.

You should prepare yourself well. Assess your skills, find out what employers want, and acquire new skills. It is not always enough to have hard skills, and tech skills only, you should have adequate soft skills. It can take months before you successfully land up your dream job. In the meantime, you can volunteer, and work at different ‘survival’ jobs. It will help you with networking and prepare for a new work environment.

Job hunting can never be easy and it can be way more challenging when you are in a new country. Even when you know a country has plentiful opportunities for you, cracking the interview, finding the right job can be stressful. Keep these guidelines handy. It’s always better to prepare yourself beforehand.

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