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10 Reasons to Love Canada

If ever, the thought of moving across to another country crossed your mind, we are absolutely sure that Canada prospered the list. To be frank, we are not surprised, after all ‘The land of Maple leaf’ outshines any other country with its eternal natural beauty, quality of living, and the liberal perspective. The country is also an abode of opportunities and liberty which automatically makes it a better place to live in. In this blog, we are endowing you with 10 reasons to love Canada more than you already do, so here we go.


1. Unity in Diversity-

With sizable number of assorted Members of Parliament who ensure tolerance and multiculturalism, Canada is undoubtedly, one of the most diverse nations in the world. You walk down the streets of Toronto or Vancouver and you will feel an aura of familiarity in terms of multiple foreign languages spoken or inhaling the scent of delicious international cuisines. It doesn’t matter if you’re outgoing personality or private one, this country will embrace you like no other. It feels like home far from home.

2. Immigrant Friendly-

Canada’s disparate population figures will leave you in awe! You move from anywhere to this country, you will sure shot find at least few local’s of your home country here living like you and that’s just how Canada is; acceptance and respect are a part of national spirit. This mosaic approach resulted in Canada being the only country with the largest numbers of visa options and according to grapevine Canada plans to welcome more than 1 million immigrants by the year 2022; Huge right!! This shows how well they treat the people of their country, irrespective of their origin.

3. Rich economy-

Wealth is naturally bestowed on Canada and that’s why it has 10th largest and impeccably robust economy. A large portion of the income is contributed by oil and gas industry whereas metals like gold, copper, uranium, iron devote to country’s remarkable GDP. The wealth is also benefitted by booming tourism industry as people flock from all over the world to witness this enchanting beauty.

4. Natural artistry-

Canada is breathtakingly beautiful and acclaimed for its gorgeous scenery and uninhabited land. The view of sparkling lakes and rivers with untouched natural environment is a sight to live for. There are mountains, then there is the spectacular vision of Aurora Borealis, there is countryside, then there is city like Toronto which is popular all over the world for its attractiveness. You can literally spend your weekends kayaking, watching whales or hiking. In short be ready to be dazzled at every turn in the country.

5. Quality education-

Believe it or not education is the most vital factor in an individual’s life and Canada seems to take it quite seriously! With zenithal budget allotted for education, both primary and secondary, Canada officially has the highest number of educated people on the planet. And here’s another fact, four of the elite universities in the world are located in Canada and over all there are 95 different universities across Canada with their own campus life and opportunities; sounds so cool and all the more reason to love the country.

6. Safety and security-

Despite being so diverse and full of immigrants, Canada is acknowledged for its incredibly low crime rates. According to the Global Peace Index (GPI), it is one of the safest places to live on earth. The strong gun owning laws and stringent policies also make it safe.

7. Culinary tales-

Ever heard of gravy and cheese curd on fried potatoes? Or potato chips literally flavored to taste like ketchup, well no worries they are two of the popular delicacies. You will also find some modern European restaurants serving fine dining experience and on the other hand Tim Horton’s. It’s just the perfect blend of varied cuisines and food culture that is relished all across the country.

8. Medical facilities-

Just like its education, Canada gives utmost priority to its health care system. This system was adopted in the 1960s and till date they consider it to be a fundamental right of every citizen. The facilities offered are free and every region provides all the residents an access to these facilities.

9. Progressive thinking-

In 1971, Canada adopted multiculturalism as its official policy. This policy ensures that every single citizen can keep the identity they want to keep and have a sense of belonging. Most of the countries even today are struggling to cope up with this issue. It also became the fourth country to legalize same sex marriage, allowing you to love whoever you want. Now how can you not love Canada after this!!

10. People-

Last but definitely not the least, the people of the country, they are simply amazing. You can stand on the street utterly clueless and still can count on anybody to guide you. They apologize profusely even for slightest misdeed. They are humorous and do not take every dig to their hearts (except hockey) and they genuinely believe in giving back and helping each other. What more can you want from a country to live in.

While these are just ten, we can give you many more reasons to love Canada like no other country in the world. Everything is so perfectly managed and executed that life becomes easy when you live there. Also to mention, the prime minister is super awesome so you can expect the country THAT incredible.

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